The 3 Generation Job Seekers and What they are Looking for when Job Hunting

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Today’s workforce is made up of Millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers. Every job seeker is unique, but the three generations that are in the workforce currently have different characteristics and preferences when looking for a job. This information will help you target candidates by different generations with what they are interested in when looking for a new job. Read on to get the breakdown of the 3 types of generations.

Baby Boomers

They may be the oldest generation in the workplace today but this group has worked hard to get where they are and have been in the workforce the longest. This post-war generation tends to have a strong work ethic and are known for company loyalty. Baby boomers are typically seeking companies with stability and companies that value retirement benefits. This generation values flexible working hours, some even choosing to work part-time, because of a delayed retirement or family commitments.

Recruitment marketing to Baby Boomers

Many people mistakenly think that this generation isn’t tech savvy. However, with the use of mobile and social media being widespread, don’t neglect this form of job advertising to this generation. 91% belong to at least one social networking site and 84% on social media prefer Facebook. Baby boomers like personal communication as well with 95% using email to communicate. So, encouraging newsletter sign ups will help increase interaction and build awareness.

Gen Xers

This middle-aged generation is career-minded and is looking for a company with financial stability, and a good work/life balance. Generation Xers are more likely to work in jobs which are involved with technology and unlike the youngest employees, they are in the prime of their working lives.

Recruitment marketing to Generation X

Approximately 75% of global candidates are passive job seekers and many Gen Xers fall into this category because they are at that stage in life where they are maintaining family life and their careers. Whilst they may not actively be looking for new opportunities, they are online just as much as any other generation as they mostly use the internet to shop online. Having job adverts on shopping sites is a great way to attract this generation. Management roles are more appealing to Gen Xers because of the years of experience they have. They will also be looking for financial comfort, so highlighting this in job adverts will be an appealing attraction.


The freshest group in the hiring pool, by 2020 Millennials are expected to make up 50% of the workforce. This young generation are sure about what they want.
They want a job to fulfil their desires with benefits and work/life balance being their top priority when looking for a job. Millennials are also looking for a quick career progression with honest feedback from managers frequently to feel valued.

Recruitment marketing to Millennials

An emphasis on perks and company principles will grab GenYs attention. Social media is a good channel to feature these qualities with targeted ads to gain more applications. Consider grabbing their attention with a more interesting application process and make sure this is mobile optimised. 3 in 5 job seekers have used their mobile device to look for a job in the past year. (Source: Glassdoor) Job fairs are a good way to approach Millennials from a personal aspect as well.

Exercising some of these marketing tips can improve your reach to different generations. Catering to different generations will allow you to reach more specific candidates that you are targeting.