6 reasons why you should be using Cinemagraphs

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Despite most people knowing that video is king, only 20% of the 4 million advertisers on Facebook use video in their campaigns. This may indicate that the cost, resource and time involved with creating video is stopping advertisers from growing in this area. Cinemagraphs are perfect to show short snippets of easily digestible video content which is in line with the growing trend of auto-looping and auto-playing video formats without the high price tag.

Here are some reasons why you should be using Cinemagraphs in your marketing:

1. Drives engagement

Cinemagraphs drive more CTRs than still images.

Flixel shared some of their case studies showing how cinemagraphs helped improved the online campaigns for some brands:

  • 51x increase in engagement for PepsiCo
  • 45% decrease in cost achieved during Microsoft’s campaign tests
  • 9pt lift in brand awareness for Holden
  • 34% increase in ad recall amongst Mercedes-Benz’s audience

2. Bitesized and easy to digest

Cutting through all the noise on social media, cinemagraphs are attention grabbing and gives enough information for a user to engage without being distracting and annoying. They are easy to share and appropriate across most social media channels.

3. Perform better than pictures

Up to 9 seconds more memorable with a Cinemagraph. Eye-catching and a break from static content, cinemagraphs are an alluring visual, making it difficult to look away.

4. Easy and simple to make but still beautiful

Dubbed as digital art, cinemagraphs can look high-end if done correctly for a very small price. Combining still photography and videography, cinemgraphs may look complicated to make but they can be created in just a few minutes. There are tools available which isolate a moving part in a video and loops it whilst keeping the rest of the visual still.

5. Cost effective but looks high-end

For a fraction of the cost of video, cinemagraphs can add a new texture to an already stunning picture. It can add a mood or enhance the appeal of a product by movement or a shine that just wouldn’t show in a still.

6. Enhances story telling

The beauty of cinemagraphs is it attracts a viewer to a specific area which helps draw attention specifically to a product, or visual you want a viewer to see which helps tell a much broader story. Cinemagraphs can be used not just to promote a product but an event, product launch or even process or behind the scenes stories.

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