7 unique recruiting strategies top companies use

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Every savvy business owner knows that recruiting the right employees can make all the difference when it comes to the success of your company. However, with so many companies vying for the same job candidates, you need effective recruiting strategies to ensure that your business is able to bring in the best people. Below are seven innovative recruiting strategies that have been tested and approved by some of the most successful companies in operation.

1. Create a strong employer brand.

Corporate branding can be used for more than just drawing in customers. It can also be an effective recruitment tool. Using authentic corporate branding videos can help you to connect with potential employees and teach them why your company is the best employer on their list. When creating these branding videos, remember that potential employees will be able to recognize inauthentic messaging quickly. Resist the urge to invest in expensive PR services. Instead, focus your efforts on developing a video that builds genuine excitement and accurately reflects the culture of your company.

2. Update your college recruiting program.

Many businesses choose to recruit candidates from among the pool of recent university graduates. Unfortunately, most of these companies utilise on-site recruitment programs, which can be expensive. Because of the investment required, companies are usually restricted to visiting only a few campuses. However, by transitioning to an online college recruitment model, companies can lower their expenses and expand their pool to include recruits from campuses all over the world.

3. Look for alternative sites to post job openings.

In today’s world, every company is already using LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media giants to reach potential recruits. However, you can find faster ways to reach your candidates and set your company apart by looking for alternative places to post jobs. Examples include Spotify, Snapchat and dating websites.

4. Conduct interviews using non-traditional means.

In the past, most companies conducted job interviews in person. In many cases, these interviews were both resource-intensive and ineffective. Human resources departments spent hours interviewing large numbers of candidates, which required a significant investment of time and money. Interviewers also tend to grow tired during this process, causing them to make hasty decisions. Instead of conducting initial interviews in person, consider conducting these interviews via text or chat.

5. Hire from competitors.

One of the boldest strategies you can use to recruit better talent is to recruit directly from your competitors. Not only does this make your business stronger and more effective, but it also weakens the competitor’s company. To increase your chances of successfully recruiting from a competitor, consider advertising a better salary, a hiring bonus or significantly better perks than your competitors.

6. Use technology to your advantage.

Although you may not be able to use technology to manage your entire recruitment process yet, you can still use it to dramatically reduce the burden on HR and improve your HR strategies overall. For example, you may be able to use current technologies to perform initial sorting and assessments of resumes.

7. Reduce stress for job candidates.

In many cases, candidates going through the recruitment process experience high levels of stress that may cause them to perform poorly or even drop out of the process altogether. To reduce stress levels, make sure your candidates understand exactly how the recruitment process will work and what they should expect during each step. You can also reduce stress levels by offering other supportive services, such as help securing a hotel for an interview or finding cheaper travel.

Recruiting the right talent is one of the best ways to elevate your company above the competition. These are just a few of the innovative strategies available to help you improve recruitment and add better employees to your company.


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