Agency Update: Wave in 2017

by in Agency Life

Our agency seems to be constantly changing at the moment; it’s hard to keep up. So we thought we’d give you a little update to see what department everybody now sits in and how good the office is looking.

Client Services at Wave

Client Services leading the charge on client comms

Now our apprentices have completed their division work experiences, they’ve been allocated to set departments for the final 6 months of their apprenticeship, so the office has had a good shuffle round.

The new set up looks something like this; Amy now supports our studio working with Kamila on expanding her knowledge and experience in data, analytics and strategy. Polly is working full time on WaveTrackR which is constantly evolving and improving every day, and Lily has also moved into studio working with her Designer mentor, Luis, supporting him on marketing and client projects.

Development and Analytics at Waves studio

Our ever growing studio team hard at work

Our studio team is now 9 strong and is fast becoming if it isn’t already, one of our largest teams in our agency. They’ve come a long way from when they used to be a team of 3 when we first moved in to our office two and half years ago.

A busy sales team is a good sales team

A busy sales team is a good sales team

Now that RS have moved upstairs under the watchful eye of Dave, they’re growing bigger and better by the day. With a few new members and 2 of our long-term wavers being promoted to Team Leaders, the RS team are doing really well. You’ll be able to keep up with all things RS related once their new website is live, so watch this space.