Benefits of Job Distribution

by in Recruitment

When done correctly, the time and effort it takes to fill in job adverts with substantial information can take a lot of man-hours. Today, most job vacancies are posted online. Meaning a lot of job advertisements are rigorously written in order to be posted onto separate jobs boards frequently.  The job seeker benefits because of the flexibility and the volume of jobs available on job sites. However, posting a job to every job board can be overwhelming. Plus with the added difficulty of managing the CV’s from different job boards.

A job distribution tool allows the recruiter to post and then manage job adverts in one placeBy maximising the distribution of jobs on the web, recruiters can focus more time on candidates. Relative to their cost, recruiters can broaden and advance their job posting methods and practice.

Save Recruiters Time

Every job distribution tool allows recruiters to advertise their job vacancies to multiple job boards and also their social media pages. Multiposting offers a solution to a painfully repetitive task. Saving time is probably what most recruiters and employers would say they like the most about multiposters. They can post job ads across many job boards whilst also having control over what job boards they post onto. When posting a job, the time spent actually placing the ad on the job board is minimal. The process is then simplified, which saves more time and gets the job advert out there quicker for people to see. The recruiter can then shift their time to finding the best talent and the right people for the job.

Job Board Network

Numerous mainstream job boards are integrated with multiposters allowing recruiters to have a choice. This includes all of the big named job sites, free to post, niche and regional boards.

Post Jobs On Your Website Seamlessly

Multiposters also offer a seamless and effortless way for users to post a job on their website. Also, social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The exposure of your job ads will be considerably increased and therefore attract more talent to your recruitment website.


WaveTrackR is a job distribution tool that does more than just post jobs onto multiple job boards

The unique hiring module allows users to insert their hiring information. The chart then allows them to see exactly which job board produces the most hires for each job post. This feature is great for budgeting and negotiating. There is also a recommends system that uses inputted data to provide you with useful information on which job board is most likely to generate the most applications and where you’ll gain the most hires from.