Brighton SEO April 2019

by in Digital Marketing, Events, SEO

Brighton SEO is an event that famously started in a small pub; this SEO gathering has now grown to be a big conference that happens twice a year in the Brighton Centre along the beautiful seafront.

For a few years now we have been big fans of this event, attending every year without fail. Last year we had a member of the team attend courses on the first day, taking part in the Paid Social Advertising course. However, this year we decided to go along to watch the main talks with one of our Developers.

For us, this year was heavily centred around technical SEO rather than the Social Media and Marketing topics they have included before. However, with our Developer joining us it was perfect timing to have talks that involved technical SEO topics like SERPS, crawl management and site speed.

SEO experts across the globe attend this event; we could see familiar faces such as ‘a guy in an orange jacket’ – Christoph from LinkResearch Tools and an ex-Google engineer – Fili from Search Brothers. We actually had an opportunity to take part in one of Fili’s training sessions about technical SEO at a previous event, which was very useful. We were looking forward to meeting those guys again as we know they always deliver an excellent informative presentation.

This year we enjoyed listening to success stories from new speakers. For example, Kenichi from Faber Company, who is the most famous SEO blogger in Japan and Google Product Expert, gave us a few ideas how we can use data structure more efficiently and how we can take advantage of it to be more visible in Google search.

Other interesting talks we joined were about feature snippets. Experts were talking about how people can drive more organic visits and why we should aim to rank ‘above the fold’ in the search results.

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to go to every session we were interested in, but overall, the event showcased great speakers and topics, and once again encompassed great SEO attributes to take away and include in our website and marketing strategies. The icing on the cake to top off the event was the iron throne we got to sit on — a great idea to big up the event alongside the hype of the final series of Game of Thrones.