The changing perspectives on women in advertising

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As it is international women’s day, I thought I would celebrate the achievements of women and the struggle for gender equality. When I was researching what I could write about i.e. the struggles of equal rights, how women’s efforts have changed the world, my attention was strongly drawn to how the media has influenced gender stereotypes over the years. Women were first portrayed as weak beings, useless in business and politics. However, the media have now started adopting the approach of portraying women in a stronger light, representing them as individuals and showing what women have always been. Amazing humans.

Always – #LikeaGirl

The advert by Always was a great way of making the viewer realise the fault of using a phrase that can be passed around in everyday life. The adults’ actions reflected the fact that the phrase ‘like a girl’ is often used as an insult, whereas the inspiring younger generation showed what ‘girls’ are really made of. Thus creating the discussion of why ‘run like a girl’ is seen as an insult and why it should now be redefined as an expression of strength.
The advert became a positive hit being seen and heard by a big audience. The video was viewed ‘85m times on YouTube from 150+ countries’ making the video a huge success.

The brand also saw an increase in sales. ‘A strong double digit percentage increase during the course of the campaign while most of its competitors saw slight declines.’ – SOURCE

Card store – World’s Toughest Job #worldstoughestjob

Card store wasn’t a company that I was familiar with. However, when I saw their advert being shared on Facebook multiple times I couldn’t resist to watch. After wiping away a small tear, it was amazing how an advert had such a powerful effect on me. It made me think about the importance of a mum’s love, how much my own mum has done for me. This resulted in me wanting to buy a card for my mum, ultimately being sucked in to their sale’s technique. However, I still see the advert in a positive light because it highlights not just women in a working environment, but appreciates the working and stay at home mum.

The advert was a viral hit and got more than 22 million YouTube views, with the video being shared on Facebook 1,847,212 times, and Twitter 39,560 times. They also had an increase in sales, just what I thought. ‘Orders were up by 20%, and user base by 40%, and met sales goals for the entire year.’ – SOURCE

Microsoft – Girls Do Science

Another powerful advert was from the company giant Microsoft. This clip from Microsoft shows several young girls talking about their passion for science and how other people’s comments shadow their love for the craft.

At the end of the video you see the girls open a letter from Microsoft urging them to carry on and ‘create something great for us one day’. The sweet message was amazing.

However what was different about this advert, Microsoft wasn’t using it as a sales advert but more of a recruiting initiative and breaking the stereotype of gender in a workplace especially in the tech industry.

Their goal is to ‘nurture and inspire the next generation of female scientists. It is the first step on our journey to closing the gender gap in tech by 2027.’

Positively, I see how the media is changing their approach on selling. You could say that the adverts use an important issue as women rights and equality as a selling point but I see the new marketing way as a good thing and how great it is the media is using women of today in the correct way.

At Wave equality is important to all of us and it’s something we cherish, working together to achieve the brilliance of what we do as a business, together.

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