Close but no cigar! The TargetJobs Awards 2016

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The competition for graduate talent is ramping up again, and although it’s been a quiet few years, graduate recruitment is back on the scene.

Last night we went along to the Target Jobs awards with a couple of nominations under our belt. Hosted by Jack Whitehall, the second time I’ve seen him on the awards circuit – and still just as funny, we were quietly hopeful of perhaps picking something up.

Although as is the case, I’m sure the 9 other shortlisted companies and agencies were too. Our categories, the most fiercely contested, “Best Student Marketing Campaign for Companies Recruiting over 50 Graduates a year”, and “Innovation on Campus”, it was always going to be tight.

“Looking at the companies we were up against, such as The Army, Barclays and Accenture couldn’t even dampen my optimism.”

We’d produced a solid and well-rounded campaign so we had a half decent chance, especially in Best Student Marketing Campaign. In any graduate communications campaign, it’s important to recognise the different touch points that a student will have with your brand, and therefore you have to make sure each element tells the story, and has a clear call to action, which I knew ours had.

Wave at Target Job Awards 2016

The Great Room and Jack Withehall presenting the awards

One thing I’ve noticed recently with some graduate campaigns is that some get carried away on a particular part and neglect other perhaps less glamorous aspects. This can create a disconnect with students and I know whilst eventually they will find their way to the application page, the bounce rate is likely to be high. Another area that seems not to get the traction it deserves is the analysis, especially around the graduate recruitment websites (although I’ve written blogs about that before so I won’t swerve off an a tangent).

Anyway, back to the awards, I’ll cut to the chase before I lose you (and the heading gave it away too!); we came second in Best Student Marketing Campaign! Coming second always evokes mixed feelings, on one hand it’s the ‘first loser’ but on the other hand when you look at the competition, and to be classed as the second Best Student Marketing Campaign in the country puts it all into perspective. So all in all a good night, and this morning there are not too many hangovers either so that’s rather pleasing too.

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