Is your company logo saying the right things about you?

by in Design

You know what they say, your logo is the face of your company. It’s your most memorable and recognisable asset. It’s on the back of your business cards, on the window of your shop. The question is, is it saying the right things about you?

“The public is more familiar with bad design than good design. It is, in effect, conditioned to prefer bad design, because that is what it lives with. The new becomes threatening, the old reassuring.”
Paul Rand

Keep it simple

You might be tempted to tell your whole company story through your logo, but how often have you actually seen a logo and remembered all the intricate details it has? Simplicity is the key here. Take into account the multiple uses it will have, be it online or in print. It also needs to work well on full colour or in monotone and at every possible size.

This doesn’t mean your logo has to be dull or plain. Just think of any popular brands and how their logos look like. Brands like Nike or Apple have simple looking logos, full of meaning and personality.

Logo Design for recruitment agency

The Logo for Automation Resource Consultants makes use of simple shapes balanced with good typography

Are you serious about that font?

At any given point any creative will have thousands of fonts to choose from when creating your logo. Choosing the wrong font, however, could be the difference between your company being perceived as an established and serious business or a young energetic start-up.

A bank and a coffee shop wouldn’t use the same type of font. Look into your industry and client demographics first. Are you in a corporate type of environment, where both you and your clients come to meetings in three piece suits? Then your logo font should be a representation of this. Serif fonts are your go to type of fonts. These font families can portray you as an historic business appealing to a higher end clientele. Or maybe you want to show your company as reliable and secure through a ticker and blocky typeface.

At the other end of the spectrum maybe you own a coffee shop. Here you are allowed to be as quirky as you want, but still look into your business first. Maybe you are all about the traditional methods of coffee grinding and want clients to have that feeling of tradition when they hold your branded coffee cups – you probably want to go a bit rustic with your fonts, perhaps a worked look to it. Or maybe you own a Parisian Café styled coffee shop. An elegant looking font is probably the way to go here, giving your clients an authentic Parisian feeling.

The psychology of colour

Everyone has their favourite colours but did you know that every colour has psychological traits associated with it? Everyone knows about how red is associated with love, but did you know that blue is a trustworthy colour, that orange can convey energy and optimism, or that purple can be both wise and creative? In the right context, the right colour can give your company logo that extra insight into your company values.

Logo for Profectus Recruitment

The logo for Profectus Recruitment achieves perfect balance with a right alignment of elements

Balance is important

Without going too technical, you’ve probably heard about the rule of thirds and golden ratios before, where designers use complex rules to find the perfect balance between the different components of your logo. At the end of the day it’s about how visually appealing your logo is. Visual unbalance is actually easy to spot, you look at a logo and you feel something is off, you can’t really put your finger on it, maybe your font is too big, or too small and is overpowered by your symbol. The perfect balance takes a bit of trial and error, but in the end you want your logo to be seen as a whole, so it’s finding that perfect point where you look at it and your brain doesn’t get all confused.

Know the deeper meaning

Every good logo has a story. More than just being the representation of your company it’s the deeper meaning behind it that will tell the story better. It’s when all of those elements combined, your typography, your colours, your symbols, start acting as a whole and telling the one version of the story that is your company. Know the meaning behind your logo and knowing this matches with your vision of your business means your logo is working for you. If none of this is working, then you should think of getting a new logo.