Coronavirus & Wave

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It’s impossible to ignore the Coronavirus and the impact that it is having globally at this stage. We have been, like, most of you watching the updates from the government and media sources and following their recommended course of action.

Currently at Wave, none of us, nor anyone we’re connected to have contracted the Coronavirus. We’ve been vigorously following the recommended hygiene requirements, in handwashing and sanitising accordingly.

As the virus seems to be spreading, we have made contingency plans in case of infection.

In fact, from Monday we’ve taken the decision to close the office with everyone working from home. Thankfully, as a tech business, working remotely is something that we can do without impact to our clients, our working practices or processes. We did, in fact, all work from home last year when moving office. We experienced next to no disruption.

If required to do so, we will be able to work remotely for extended periods of time, again with no loss to client service.

As a small business everyone is also able to cover each other’s role in the event that some of us contract the virus. Should more than 20-25% of our workforce contract the virus – the likely impact is that projects and response time will slow down. Should this happen we will advise accordingly. I appreciate your patience and understanding here.

I have advised the team that no Wave travel is authorised so we’ll be reaching out to you via Zoom or Skype currently.

What’s happening in the World is alarming there’s no denying I’m very concerned about it.
I am however advising everyone at Wave to stay calm, be very rigorous and careful.

Thanks for working with Wave, and thanks for your patience and understanding.

Dave Jenkins,
CEO of Wave