Dave’s Yearly Review

by in Agency Life

The mince pies have pretty much all gone now, most new years resolutions have been made and broken already. So it must be time for me to put together my annual reflection of 2018. I’m late doing this – as I was last year. Amy (in our marketing dept) has been asking me for this since mid-December…

I think there is some benefit in taking some time to see the new year in before looking back at what happened in the previous year. I also enjoyed reading my review of last year which seems like 5 minutes ago.

So what happened in 2018 – well let’s start with what I said would happen in 2018 from my 2017 blog. We did launch CV Search within WaveTrackR, our job board analytics and job distribution tool, which is excellent and works well. We’re in the process of adding more features to that now which should propel that further. Our dress code offering was preceded by the acquisition of RecWebs, more on that to follow. JobsTrackR did launch the user preferences meaning that job seekers could set up their accounts, giving us some invaluable experience of how a job board works and the investment needed for a smooth candidate user experience.

So you could say 2 out of 3 completed or if you were an optimist you’d say all three. I’ll say all three.

Personality Review

On that note, 2018 was an exciting year for me, firstly because for the first time I took a personality profile test (from the fantastic Trisha Barker). I’ve previously put these down as a bit of mumbo jumbo, to be honest, but the results were unbelievable and so amazingly accurate.

I was convinced and before long profiled the whole team. It made me realise that everyone is different and will have various approaches to things; specifically communication. As a result of this, I think the discussion within the business has improved as most of us have some understanding now that x person isn’t rude or short (generally directed at me), or that y person isn’t chatting away ten to the dozen because their lazy or slacking.

I’m classified as a DS which is Dominant and Steady. The Dominant key traits are that I like to get on with things quickly irrespective of the detail; which is true. Also, the Steady key attributes are consistency and loyal which is also true. It’s made me realise where my strengths are and importantly my weaknesses. Individually that I don’t spend enough time engaging with the team or specifically complimenting them, I’m sure my team will tell a story of my attempt to praise a member of the team resulted in me in shouting compliments in a somewhat overly enthusiastic borderline aggressive manner. You had to be there. The work continues.

One interesting point is that under stress my profile will slow everything down, and that’s spot on too, whenever things get on top of me I will slow the process and situation right down to get back on track. I would recommend that you look at this because it does help you understand your strengths and weaknesses a little better.


2018 Review

Back to the year, we have been working hard with WaveTrackR refining the Recommendations tool where recruiters can see real-time recommendations on where to post their jobs. It’s very cool, and I don’t believe there is anyone else out there doing this. We have also spent the last six months building a Bullhorn integration which, to be honest, has been quite challenging and certainly took a lot longer than I had hoped. I was pleased to see that on Christmas Eve the work was complete so watch this space for the WaveTrackR / Bullhorn integration!

Additionally, in June, we acquired RecWebs, a website building firm with around 70 sites. This built on the work we’d already done with the likes of Driver Hire and our other recruitment websites. Again it took some time to understand the system and framework fully but pleased to say that we’ve built on the existing platform bringing some new features. More plans for 2019 as you’d expect, but it’s been gratifying to integrate this business into the Wave family, really looking forward to seeing how this develops in 2019.

JobsTrackR development slowed a little in 2018, although the plan has never been to own or manage a job board. In fact, we want to use it as a tool to drive candidates to job boards that do have the type of jobs they want, we did, in fact, end up starting to operate as a job board. It made me realise how tough running a job board is regarding attracting and balancing enough candidates with enough jobs. Hats off to you guys.

On the personnel front, Kevin Green, previously CEO of REC joined us as a strategic advisor. His input and work with me so far have been great. Useful to have someone to bounce ideas off and with the experience that he has, it’s been very valuable. Kevin’s approach is similar to mine in terms of getting sh*t done. He has helped me to slow down a bit in terms of making sure that all strategies and initiatives are thoroughly thought through for the long term.

Future Review

So what’s in store for 2019? Well… this is the start of our 20th year of trading which does make me feel very very old. However, I wouldn’t swap it for anything else and looking forward to celebrating this year all the things that we’ve achieved over the years.

I feel that this year, Wave will do a lot of ‘growing up’. With the tech that we have available now we’re making some huge steps forward which is very exciting. We will build in our media buying and management using the analytical data that we have to help our clients make better buying decisions. RecWebs will get a facelift with even more features and technical upgrades.

We have plans to add AI and some machine learning into WaveTrackR as well as more tracking code to work with ATS providers so I’m expecting to capture a lot more data and provide more insights into what candidates are doing, and providing independent, impartial and unbiased views on the candidate attraction market across the job boards.

As usual, thank you to all our clients who supported us in 2018. Wave is very grateful and will be working hard in 2019 to help you attract even more talent.