Which is more effective today, print or digital advertising?

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Marketing has certainly changed since the web was just starting out, when billboards and radio ads dominated the advertising scene. But as the times have changed advertising has moved increasingly towards the digital space, with companies attaching more importance to this method in their marketing budgets and business plans. But which is more effective today, print or digital advertising?

Print advertising today

Is print really dead? Even though digital is in the ascendancy, print advertising still has aspects that can affect the viewer in ways which digital cannot.

Branding – Print advertising can amplify your brand identity with set logos, font and images to give your brand recognition. According to Advance Ohio, 8 in 10 adults take action on newspaper ads, so the draw of print is still there.

Trustworthy/ Credibility – The saturation of big popups and banner ads on the web can be overpowering, and the dread of spam and viruses make clicking on an advert scary. Yet there is no fear of danger in a print ad. According to BannerSnack, 54% of users don’t click banner ads because they don’t trust them.

Appealing – Consumers are more engaged when reading print. B2C Print found that, on average, 80% of traditional mail is opened while 80% of email is disregarded: only 20% read advertising email.

Augment Reality Advert

You can bridge the print and digital gap with an advert that links to a digital medium

Digital advertising today

With digital marketing on the rise, more time is being spent on mobile, laptops and tablets, making it easy to understand the increasing popularity of digital marketing.

Tracking – To many businesses, the appeal of digital marketing is that tracking can be applied to it. One can see how many people actually saw the advert, interacted with the advert and proceeded to buy or interact it. This means you can view the success of the advert and quantify the effectiveness of what you are paying for.

Will never be outdated – As the internet is modern and technologically driven, digital marketing is a constantly evolving industry, with more and more new ways to attract your chosen audience.

More views – The consumption of digital content increases daily, with the popularity of mobile and other digital devices continuing to grow, so the likelihood of people seeing your advertising only rises.

In spite of the popularity of digital media today, print should not be overlooked, as it is still a useful method of promotion which can play a significant role in marketing strategy for businesses.

The combination of two can harness the strength of both with applying digital ways onto print

  1. QR codes are a simple, affordable and effective way of seamlessly driving your printed materials receiver over to an online destination of your choice
  2. Target your market with including web address or a #hashtag that can take them directly to your social media profiles.
  3. NFC stands for Near-Field Communication and allows phones, tablets, and laptops to share data with other NFC-equipped devices. This chip can be placed into print for people to then connect to the digital advert.

Marketing advertising focuses on improving your presence and drive in the print and digital world, working on one or both to make you company stand down.