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User Experience is a fundamental part of website development and of the work we do here at Wave Digital. The experiences that we create for our client’s users are the difference between happy, returning customers and bored almost-customers.

UX is very much a subjective concept, with no commonly accepted definition. What can be accepted, however, is the determination that good UX equals happy customers.

Matt sharing the UX knowledge with the team

Matt sharing the UX knowledge with the team

But what is good UX?

UX is focused on anything that affects the user’s journey to solve a problem, positive or negative. A user’s goal, or objective, is to visit a site and reach their goal by the quickest, most straight forward route possible. If a user is able to do this and achieve what they set out to do, this is an example of good UX.

We recently held a WaveTalk based on UX design. In this talk, we discussed the benefits and solutions to achieving a good user experience through good design and analytical research.

One of the main ways to establish a good user experience is through the research and implementation of personas.

Personas are a way of representing a user group, or demographic in a more easily digestible way. When it comes to website design and development, not everyone who is included in a project is present during the UX decision phase. Through the use of personas, it’s easier to apply rules and scenarios to a user group.

User experience is determined by a number of factors. This includes the user interface, or UI, of the website. If a website looks poor and doesn’t provide content or a defined journey in a user friendly way, the experience of the user is affected.

Amazons website experience aims to facilitate the search for the perfect purchase

An example of this, that was raised in our WaveTalk, was that of Amazon. Amazon provide the ability to view related products and “buy together” as a quick method of viewing related products to purchase. The idea of this is to allow the user to complete an additional workflow of cross-selling or up-selling without the additional journey in between. This, therefore, encourages the user to visit again because of their positive experience with the buying process and is an example of good UX through the use of UI.

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In house, we produce a number of different websites and digital solutions which cater for a diverse range of audience demographics. Through the use of effective UX research, with our in-house SEO & analytics experts and design experts, we are able to establish realistic user journeys and engagements to provide a positive user experience for our client’s visitors.

Placement of objects, hierarchy of information and whitespace are things which help to create a more positive user experience. These, in turn, aid in better usability, readability and engagement with the desired user paths.

For more information on how we can help with your user experience or website analysis, feel free to give us a call on 01189 868 900.