Employer Branding – The final chapter of what people get wrong!

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It’s been a while I know, I’m sorry.

Anyway, this is it, the last installment. I thought it was 6 parts, turns out it was only 4. My habit of exaggerating continues…

Ok here goes, if you’ve not read part 1, part 2 and part 3 the last two blogs, please do…

Actions speak louder than guidelines

Conscious that I’m dealing with employer branding and not attraction, I need to step away from visuals and guidelines for a moment (as per my last blog). Your employer brand is everything you do when it comes to people. It doesn’t stop at attraction, recruitment or engagement or just with HR. It’s everything. From top to bottom, and how this is managed is subject of much discussion. In world where HR still doesn’t quite sit at the top table alongside the CEO and Financial Director it can be hard to maintain. For me if the CEO or leaders of the organisation aren’t bought in to the principle 1000% it won’t work. I suppose it’s how you manage the conversation with the head honchos, talk about how surveys have shown a engaged employees can contribute as much as 10% to the bottom line, through greater performance, lower turnover and lower sickness and you might prick the ears of even the hardest of hard nosed Financial Directors.

So where the responsibility of managing the employer brand should sit will be a topic for another day, but the point is, the brand needs to be managed constantly and above and beyond checking that the guidelines are being adhered to. That’s a tiny part of what’s really important here. The position of the logo won’t change the feelings of the people.

Finally the last issue that I have is the number of people that fill employer branding with their bullsh*t bingo buzzwords. There are lots of people out there trying their very best to overcomplicate things. So I’ll super simplify it. If you’re a great employer, employees work harder and produce better results which makes a company more profitable/successful. Please leave segmentation, alignment, pathways, stakeholders and all manner of rubbish to the management consultants.

And that’s it, I’m done.  As usual, please please please tell me what you think, life is about opinions and I’d love to hear yours.

Have a wonderful weekend, I’m off to fire up the BBQ.