Employer Branding – The things people are getting wrong… part 1

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There’s a few things that are worrying me when it comes to employer branding. I’ve been thinking about writing this blog for a long time. So I did it. And boy is it long. Too long for one blog that’s for sure. So over the next days and weeks, I’m going to upload bite size chunks.

First thing. Most clients are getting it wrong, there I said it. They are spending too much time and money focusing on the wrong part of employer branding. It’s especially bad with global companies trying to produce a global brand. Here’s some of things that are going wrong, most relate to the global element, but can apply locally too.

So first up is:

You’re taking too long

There’s a feeling that once it’s done, it’s done, and then it can be left. That’s a no-no for starters, but that’s not my main point. Your employer brand is a 24-7, always on, living breathing brand. Like a PLC’s share price, it’s worth will increase and decrease, but it never stops. So with this in mind, start work on your brand, straight away. What’s happening at the moment are companies spend a year evaluating the need to work on the brand, a year doing interviews, a year with everyone deciding on the EVP, a year deciding what that actually means, and finally a year going back and forth agreeing the visuals. I’m exaggerating a little, but not much. By taking too long, by the time it’s launched, your research and thinking is out of date, and so are your materials. Take the view that you can always tweak and develop the brand, so it’s important to work on the brand in the moment, and not leave it in the R&D dept. Most people out there are sensible human beings, so some current thinking on your brand is likely to be better than thinking that’s two years old.

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