Employer Branding – The things people are getting wrong…part 2

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My second installment! (If you’ve read this already you can skip the next two paragraphs) – Read Part 1

There’s a few things that are worrying me when it comes to employer branding. I’ve been thinking about writing this blog for a long time. So I did it. And boy is it long. Too long for one blog that’s for sure. So over the next days and weeks, I’m going to upload bite size chunks.

First thing. Most clients are getting it wrong, there I said it. They are spending too much time and money focusing on the wrong part of employer branding. It’s especially bad with global companies trying to produce a global brand. Here’s some of things that are going wrong, most relate to the global element, but can apply locally too.

Here’s the second thing that people are getting wrong when it comes to employer branding

Global bland  – allow values to turn up and down.

Not the biggest gripe, but close… global boredom. Trying to create a global employer brand is a huge task, and unfortunately most of them out there make me want go and cut the grass with a pair of scissors. My opinion is that companies are approaching this global brand for the wrong the reason. I believe this centres around control whereby one or two people will be tasked with managing the brand globally which is too big a job for one or two people and they have no choice but to set rigid rules which makes it easier to manage. Unfortunately that makes the company look the same everywhere and that’s easier to control and maintain what is being published.  If you’re doing that, here’s the bad news, you’re talking to everyone and engaging with no one.

Bland bland bland. Pictures of smiley people in adverts is not an employer brand. Sterile and you could of replaced the logo with hundreds of other companies and not even realise.

The right reason is to develop a worldwide consistency of attracting the best talent that will help the company perform better in their respective areas of the world.

I get the issues though, you want some consistency around the world, and at the excellent recent world employer branding summit I went to (hosted by Brett Minchington – an expert on employer branding whose straight talking approach cut through the waffle that’s out there), one of the main questions and issue was how a global brand can work locally. It’s a toughie I know.

His advice was gold. The values of your company which make up the elements of your EVP, should be allowed to be turned up and down in accordance with the culture, positions and requirements of that country. It gives them some independence, but they still fall into line with the global message.

Oh and the other thing, the world is a very diverse place.  On an international level, we have different cultures, languages, climates and attitudes. On a seniority level, the thoughts and motivations of a Director is different to the person in the postroom (do they exist any more?), on a discipline level what gets the software developer up in the morning is different to what floats the sales manager’s boat. So what makes you think that one message that has to be published GLOBALLY will appeal to all those people? Is the penny dropping yet?

Read part 3. Thoughts and opinions welcome.