Why Exhibitions should be a part of your marketing strategy

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If you want a cost-effective method of marketing, which will improve your business ROI, then it is definitely worth considering exhibitions as a way to engage with your desired audience. Many great business relationships are made through marketing at these events, and a frequent digital presence gives the ability to maintain those relationships.

“Trade events count for just 9 percent of marketing budgets but return 23 percent of business” – Exhibition World

In order to engage with visitors to your stand, and host the most effective exhibition, it is important that you consider the following points.

What is your goal?

Consider what you want to achieve from your exhibition so that you have some realistic targets in mind.

What is your message?

What are the key pointers you want your visitors to hear? It’s important to let your staff know what they are to discuss, so they can give helpful guidance and a clear message.

Who is your audience?

In order to run the most effective exhibition, it is essential that you know your audience. This way, you can tailor your engagement to fit your target market.

Use engagement tools

Visitor engagement shouldn’t always be in the form of conversations. You want to give your visitors a reason to come to your stand, and it is beneficial to use creative engagement tools. This way your visitors will remember you among your competitors.

Interactive touch game in testing

The Marketo Touch Game being played

Our Experience

Our client, Marketo, had upcoming exhibitions booked across Europe. They wanted to stand out from the other exhibitors and attract the crowd to their stand, while collecting 2000 data scans over the 3-day event.

In order to achieve these objectives, we wanted to create something different and exciting that would attract as many visitors to their stand as possible. We created an interactive touchscreen game, which had incentives to win prizes and a chance for brand ambassadors to engage potential clients. We wanted the game to be simple, but at the same time capture enough people over the 3-day event to convert into 2000 data scans. The game used a simple idea, similar to ‘whack-a-mole’. The users had only 45 seconds to tap as many highlighted buttons as possible, which gradually get faster and harder to tap. This engaged and challenged users’ reactions, and really captured their interest.

Depending on the user’s score, the game revealed the prize won and directed them to an ambassador to collect their prize, either branded earphones or an Amazon voucher.

The game was built on a 42-inch Windows Touch Screen, which was accompanied by a game companion. A country selection was also created for users or event managers to change the language appearing in the game. Data was accessed live to see how well the game was performing and how many scans had been captured. We were set an overall target of 2000 scans, and the game generated 2203 new possible leads for Marketo.

The game was very popular at the 3-day event and was an overall success. This shows how important it is to have clear, effective engagement tools, which give you the chance to interact with potential clients. This will not only improve your ROI but make your brand memorable in the eyes of the visitors.