Have you found your match at Wave? A look into our Valentine’s day campaign

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Valentine’s day is all about sharing the day with the ones you love the most. For Wave, that ‘someone special’ are our lovely clients. We know it’s cheesy, but that’s what we like (you should see our Christmas cards)! And, you know, there is only one true match for you, so how would our clients find that special someone at Wave? We built a matchmaking machine!

Matchmaker Questions

Our 3 questions will tell you everything you need to know

We designed an infallible three-part questionnaire telling you everything you need to know about someone. After giving your answers, you would be matched to one of our loving Wavers. There were 27 possible combinations, which took some coding magic from our developers to match each combination of answers to the one result. On the results page, you would come face-to-face with your Wavey lover and learn a bit more about them. We then gave the opportunity to leave contact details to receive a treat from us. We like to spoil our clients!

Matchmaker Results

Depending on your answers you were matched with a Waver

We sent it to the world; via email, social media, texted our mums…

The response from our clients couldn’t be better. The website got 195 visits, with 414 runs of the matchmaking machine and 50 clients receiving a present from their valentine sent straight to their offices. We also learned a lot about ourselves. Some of us are more matchable than others (we can’t tell you who. Seriously, stop it, we can’t). Some of our clients weren’t happy that they didn’t match with their favourite consultant (they even emailed the consultant declaring their love despite the results) and somehow every time we share a photo of our MD on social media it gets the biggest engagement.

What a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s day.