Graduate Recruitment – The Law Of Attraction

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It’s a tough world out there for recent graduates trying to find a job.

However, it can be just as hard for employers hiring graduates.

Employers are struggling with their graduate recruitment schemes – trying to draw in the best candidates for their graduate jobs.

There are hundreds of thousands of graduate schemes swimming around the internet, why would a graduate choose your company? As a graduate recruitment agency, we get asked this a lot by our clients and we believe it’s all about graduate attraction.

There is no winning formula (unfortunately) to attract the best candidates, however there are a few simple steps to consider when advertising your graduate scheme – which will definitely amplify your success.

1) What?

What are you saying in your adverts? Are you clearly defining what you are offering in the graduate scheme? Most candidates will want to know the obvious points such as location and salary – but they’ll also want to know about your company, about what they would be doing on the graduate scheme. 76% of candidates want details about what makes a company an attractive place to work when applying for a role. You have one chance to get across to candidates what you’re like as a company. Copy-writing is not easy to get right, but the right copy will easily boost the success of your adverts.

2) Where?

Where are you placing your adverts? If you want the best graduates to find your graduate scheme, you need to be placing your adverts where they can find them. On average, job seekers use 18 different sources when searching for a job — a steady increase from previous years and reinforcing the idea of the consumer candidate. There is no silver bullet, one platform will suit all the candidates you are looking for – you need to be targeted and selective with your job boards.

3) Who?

Who do you want for your grad scheme? Are you looking at getting graduates that come from a business degree? Or would you like to target the finance sector? It’s important to have an idea of who you want – this can then tie in with where you place your scheme and what you promote in the copy.

These steps are easily over looked in the rush to get a graduate scheme online – but they are three simple ways to adapt the way you advertise your graduate scheme, that will ultimately boost your response.
If you’re looking at hiring graduates, just remember it’s all about attraction…