How Tay Associates strove for simplicity, analytics, affordability and service and found it all with Wave

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Case study:
Tay Associates
Kate Boyle, Operations Manager

Wave products used:

PA and Business Support Staff


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Tay Associates and Wave

Established over 20 years ago, Tay Associates specialises in PA, admin and business support staff in London.

Having previously used Broadbean, in 2019 Tay Associates’ Chief Executive Susanna Tait connected with Wave CEO Dave Jenkins and quickly realised that WaveTrackR gave them what they had been missing.

They signed up immediately and have since expanded to 15 users.

In 2021, after reading about how WaveMedia can help with Indeed media buying, Tay Associates’ Operations Manager Kate Boyle saw an opportunity to further streamline their processes with Wave.

After talking to WaveMedia’s Media Strategist, Ruby Moss, Kate started using WaveMedia for Tay Associates’ media strategy and buying.     

Tay Associates were looking for several elements in a supplier and Wave ticked all the boxes – a good price point, simplicity, increased productivity, analytics, great service, knowledge, and accessibility.

“Wave has given us so much time back. We fully appreciate the holistic approach to having our multi-poster and media strategy through one supplier.”


The number one thing Kate was looking for when it came to choosing their tech was simplicity. If it isn’t simple, the consultants won’t use it. This was the driver for moving from their previous multi-poster – it wasn’t simple enough. To view a CV they would have to download it. That took time, they would have to decide where to save it, and there were data protection implications. WaveTrackR’s click and view option saves time and reduces risk.

“With Broadbean, we only used the multi-posting function as everything else was too clunky. The functionality was not great, which meant we didn’t fully use all the licenses, making it a very expensive piece of tech. It was not efficient or affordable.”

“What’s great about Wave is that everyone understands the journey of a recruiter and what they need in order to make that journey simple. The tech meets those needs. There are no unnecessary steps, which means the recruiters can focus on recruiting.”


Productivity is inextricably linked to simplicity. The simpler the tech, the more the recruiter can get done. However, Kate explained that productivity wasn’t just about metrics and KPIs but about the way a recruiter felt able to do their job when using the tech.

“Without a doubt, WaveTrackR has increased productivity. We measure our productivity not in numbers but primarily in the confidence and trust that the recruiters have to use the tech – that is how we gauge productivity. If they have tools that work and make their jobs easier, that increases morale tenfold and productivity inevitably also increases.”


The ability to quickly and easily see a host of metrics on the Analytics Dashboard has meant that Kate can now measure the performance of each of their job board contracts accurately and without the huge amount of time taken to calculate it herself.

“Prior to signing up with WaveTrackR I had to analyse every placement myself. I can now easily see the ROI from each job board – it’s saved so much time.”


Great client service is critical and Kate has been impressed with the service from Wave from the very beginning. The onboarding process was simple, allowing her to begin to use WaveTrackR straight away.

Wave already had an API set up with Reed but not with Secs in the City which is the other  job board we use a lot. However, the integration went smoothly, with no hiccups.”

Getting new starters immediately trained up as they join is also business-critical for Tay Associates. They need to be writing ads and posting from day one so quick training is key.

“Every time we have a new user join I email Nick (Weaver, Client Engagement Manager) to get a one-on-one training session booked in and he is always more than happy to set it up. That means numerous individual training sessions but Wave happily does that every time, which makes such a difference.”


Kate appreciates the fact that the team collectively are hugely knowledgeable as it adds that crucial element of trust. This was was one of the deciding factors when it came to signing up for WaveMedia, when Ruby Moss, WaveMedia’s Media Strategist reached out, “offering to take the burden of media buying off my shoulders.”

“Ruby is so knowledgeable that she instilled complete trust in me to to hand over a critical piece of the business to her. She went away with it, came back and said this is what I can do and how.”


Kate was struck by the fact that Wave’s CEO Dave Jenkins is accessible as she admitted that’s not always the case with those at the top of organisations.

“To have access to the CEO is fantastic. He leads from the front and is not afraid to get out in front of his brand – he has nothing to hide.”