Instagram Easter Egg fun

by in Digital Marketing, Social Media

At Wave, Easter is a big deal – and chocolate is not something to be taken lightly! With diets out the window, we thought what better way to celebrate Easter than with a good old fashioned Easter egg hunt. Not only did this go on in the Wave office with chocolate eggs hidden in every corner, but we also wanted to incorporate it in to our social media so we could share our Easter celebrations with you!

We designed our very own Easter game specifically for Instagram, whereby you had to find the Easter Bunnies hidden within the thousands of Easter eggs. We built 9 posts using Instagram’s new carousel feature, with 5 images in each. These worked together to create one seamless image. The aim was to get people to scroll through each one of the carousels and find the 6 bunnies that were hidden. We also encouraged people to comment or like the image where they found a bunny. But don’t be fooled by the bunny ears, they were made to throw you off!

Creating the game on Instagram was just the first part. Now we needed to make the world know about our exciting egg hunt. We created three images to be posted for the three days leading up to the game being released, in order to create excitement about the upcoming Easter game. These were used on Facebook and Twitter, hoping to attract people to our Instagram. As well as this, we created images to post during the Easter weekend, after the game had already been posted, as well as short instructions explaining how to play the game.

Overall the game was a success, gaining interaction and social media engagement. We reached our goal, as the purpose was to inject some fun and Easter festivities in to our social media, whilst also showcasing our creative capabilities. Over the 7 days of promoting the game we increased our followers on Instagram, and the game generated 834 impressions, 711 engagements, and reached 460 unique accounts. It was also fun to pass around the office, whilst eating our own body weight in chocolate. I ask again, what better way to celebrate Easter?!

Even though the Easter weekend has finished and the working week continues, the game is still on our Instagram account so feel free to play and find those cheeky bunnies!