JobsTrackR: Connecting Talent with Opportunity

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From its inception two decades ago, Wave’s vision has always been to help our clients attract the talent they need. It was that vision that led us to build the first job board analytics tool combined with an industry-leading multi-poster in WaveTrackR and our recruitment website building platform RecWebs. We now want to go one step further to try to help candidates find the right companies for them, wherever they may be. We have taken our job board JobsTrackR to the next level with our new Job Board Matcher, allowing candidates to discover which job board they should be searching in and registering with. 

JobsTrackR has long been dedicated to helping jobseekers find their dream job. Acting as both an independent jobs board and a career advisor, JobsTrackR is an essential portal and resource for those seeking a new job. Offering vacancies, CV and covering letter templates, a CV builder, career advice and insights, and the ability to set up job alerts, it is a veritable jobs hub, a jobseeker’s first port of call on their journey to a new career. We are never one to rest on our laurels though, especially during such tough times for job hunters, so we decided to go one step further. And thus JobsTrackR’s Job Board Matcher was born. 

JobsTrackR’s Job Board Matcher helps candidates to find the best job board for them, based on their search criteria and our global application data. Candidates need simply to input their desired industry, location and salary parameters and our Job Board Matcher will match them with the job board that has the most jobs relevant to their search. Alternatively, they can use the Search Jobs function and the recommended job boards will be listed alongside any jobs found, based on the search criteria entered. 

Our focus at JobsTrackR is to provide a hub for job seekers containing everything they could need in their search for their perfect job. As well as AI-powered recommendations on where to search for jobs, we also offer a host of careers help. Job search and careers advice, emailed job alerts, and our CV Builder, a smart and simple way to create a professional CV that will get candidates noticed for all the right reasons.

JobsTrackR is the only place jobseekers need to go to take control of their future career. With our new intelligent, data-driven Job Board Matcher, it should be every candidate’s first port of call when searching for a new job.