Independent job board JobsTrackR launches ApplicationTrackR

by in Business

Redundancies continue to rise, the unemployment rate is growing, the talent pool rapidly expanding and jobs, although beginning to improve, are still low compared to the number of candidates applying for them. It’s tough out there in the jobs market right now and, for many, searching for a job has become fraught with anxiety and stress. With job seekers applying for numerous jobs at a time it’s easy to lose track of what they’ve applied for and where they are in the process. JobsTrackR’s new, completely free, ApplicationTrackR tool aims to make the job hunt easier for candidates, providing them with a platform on which to keep all their applications in one place and track every detail at every stage of the process.

JobsTrackR has long been dedicated to helping jobseekers find their dream job. Acting as both an independent jobs board and a career advisor, JobsTrackR is an essential portal and resource for those seeking a new job. As such, we have been dedicated to helping candidates through these incredibly challenging times. Back in May, as the effects of Covid-19 began to be truly felt in the labour market and redundancies grew, we knew we wanted to do something more to help talent find opportunities. 

This is how, at the height of the first lockdown, JobsTrackR’s Job Board Matcher was born, a tool that helps find the best job board for each candidate based on their search criteria and our global application data. With lockdown 2.0 now firmly in place in England and restrictions continuing in all other parts of the UK, we wanted to go further. With applications still over 100% higher than 2020’s pre-Covid months, we knew we had to find a way to make the entire process easier for job seekers by allowing them to track their applications across multiple job boards. And thus our developers dedicated themselves to constructing ApplicationTrackR.

ApplicationTrackR allows job seekers to take control of their job search by documenting each application and enabling status updates, notes and actions. Once the application is sent, the job title, agency, contact name and email, job board, application date and status is logged on their personal dashboard. The job seeker can then update the status as the process progresses, plus add notes and actions. There’s no need for spreadsheets, everything is kept in one place and it works across multiple job boards for every application sent.   

If you’re applying for several jobs at once, a tool that tracks all of those applications will make what can be a stressful process that little bit easier. By allowing job seekers to search for, apply, track and manage their applications in one place, we hope JobsTrackR and its new tool ApplicationTrackR can ease some of that stress and help connect talent to opportunities.