Are you paying for quality or the name?

by in Recruitment Marketing, Web Development

Being in web design, it’s one of those industries where price always comes under scrutiny. There’s often someone out there that can do it cheaper, and sometimes it’s a bit of a race to the bottom.

Depending on who you go with (see my agency stereotypes blog) to build your site, you will encounter a number of pros and cons. Yet either way it can sometimes look like we’re getting the same thing for less. In web design that’s not really the case, as these days there is so much extra work that goes into getting your site live, aspects such as security, mobile optimisation, the CMS (‘back office’), the ongoing support, SEO structure – the list goes on. And in most cases, the cheaper the price the less quality in these areas you’ll receive. However, there are always deals out there, and I was thinking about the thought process we go through, or should go through when assessing whether or not a cheaper provider (and not just recruitment websites either) is giving you a better deal, and the risk associated with that.

In today’s world, we can’t stand to pay for anything without comparing against numerous other providers. We can’t help it with so much information at our fingertips it’s obligatory to check to see if we can get something cheaper elsewhere. What happens next tests our levels of risk. Invariably we can find something a little cheaper, maybe it’s the same, maybe it’s a different model. We make a decision to take a chance and purchase or we retreat back to the more expensive provider.

There are deals out there that’s for sure, so we weigh up the key considerations of whether to pay premium or go for the cheaper alternative. I’ve boiled it down to three interrogating factors of the ‘cheaper’ provider:


Is it really the same or an imitation? Does it work the same or are we sacrificing some features that we feel we can live without? Will they produce as good a service? Does next day and installation really mean that for example? What’s the aftercare like? How solid is their warranty?


Who on earth are these guys anyway? Are they trustworthy? Will they run off with our money as quick as look at us? The phrase ‘seems too good to be true’ rings around our mind, but it’s such a great deal. Difficult to articulate beyond the good old fashioned gut feeling, although another Google search will normally throw up a bad experience of other bargain hunters. Learn from their mistakes!


Is everything exactly the same, or is there more work that you have to do? I.e. the product comes unassembled or lacks a part you have to buy elsewhere. Do you have the time or expertise to pick this up yourself? Are you committing yourself to more hassle than you need?

In summary, you can always find something cheaper elsewhere but you need to weigh up the cost of any sacrifices in performance, reputation and convenience before going ahead.

I’ve always tried to make sure that our recruitment websites are priced competitively, which allows us to do a good job and provide an awesome product to our clients. I feel our DressCode websites do that, yes there are other cheaper solutions out there (and a lot more expensive too), but I think we have the balance right.

We don’t compromise on performance especially when we know how much revenues our clients can generate from a fully functioning recruitment website, it’s not worth going cheap. Doesn’t stop some people doing it and I expect it never will. But then again, we all love finding a bargain!

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