Recruitment Agency Expo 2017

by in Agency Life

The title gives it away, but Wave attended the Recruitment Agency Expo in Birmingham earlier this month and we couldn’t be happier. The Wave team was all pumped to go as this was one of our most important events, and the competition going between the team only made things a bit more interesting.

The two-day event had over seventy exhibitors, with Wave being one of them.
With this being our first event showing all our services, it was somewhat a nervous and exciting build-up to the event. However, when we got into the swing of things we enjoyed the experience and the atmosphere.

While recruitment can be a busy industry, it was very helpful for the team to be part of an event like this. Just by walking around the NEC venue we were able to introduce ourselves to potential new clients and even our main competitors. Also, it was good to see what other recruitment services are out there in the market.

The Game

Every good stand needs a way to attract passersby. Our interactive game that we created for this event was a hit! It had a good interest, attracted and engaged a lot of visitors. If you did manage to visit us at our stand, then you probably had a go at our fast reaction game. Visitors queued up and even challenged other visitors to beat their previous score, which was funny to see. If you did play the game, there was a chance to win a GoPro. You just had to be the highest scorer in both days.


One of the big things for Wave about this event was the showcasing of our recently redesigned and improved job distribution tool, WaveTrackR. This product has been in hiding for the best part of the past year, being an exclusive product available only to current clients. This is something that we really wanted to get feedback about, and presenting it to so many recruiters allowed us to see what people thought.

If you’re within the Recruitment sector, then attending the Recruitment Agency Expo should be on your event calendar. Whether you’re a recruitment company or a business supplier, then this event is a good chance to meet, discover and compare new and current services and businesses.

Looking back at the event, the concept of meeting people face to face and being able to discuss our services in detail was a great networking opportunity for Wave and the team.

Consequently, as fast as you can say ‘expo’, Wave signed up for another go at it. Although we had a chat with the majority of visitors at the expo, if we didn’t manage to talk to you all, then you will be able to see us at the Recruitment Agency Expo in London on the 31st of January & 1st of February.