Does social media have an impact on SEO?

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In this day, I think everyone would agree that to expand your business online, you need to focus on keyword search and SEO to attract more visitors. It’s one of the many ways to broaden your reach in the big wide world of online.

Knowing that social media is also a popular platform to promote your business, many people have asked whether social media really does help with SEO. The answer is technically not really, but not in the way you think. Google does not use social media as a major factor to place your website higher on the search engine.

Just like what Matt Cutts from Google’s web spam team said “Google treats Facebook & Twitter posts like any other web pages for search, but NOT as a ranking factor.”

What he also makes clear is that “Google does NOT currently use signals like Facebook or Twitter followers for search ranking.” This is because Google does not want to use a signal process to influence their search rankings without full knowledge of the meaning of that signal. Google doesn’t entirely crawl Twitter and Facebook so it misses lots of data to make a precise assessment of the relative authority of pages within those sites.

So Google, at the moment, doesn’t directly take social media into consideration when search ranking, well so they say. It’s complex but I do think in the future they will take social media more into account and express this. For the present day, social media’s main purpose is to be a platform to gain quality traffic to your website.

Google +

But what about Google Plus? One obvious social media channel that can help with your SEO is Google +. Yes, the social platform that is owned by Google will help you in your search ranking in Google! This is, however, only with time and make sure you have content that you can optimise your page with. There is gossip that Google crawls and indexes content all the time on Google Plus, giving the immediate effect of ranking your content higher.

It does make sense for the most powerful search engine to rank their own product higher than any other social media channel.

Google Plus may not be so popular like other social media channels, but for increasing your search visibility it’s something you should look into.

Social media for business

Even though social media doesn’t have a direct impact on SEO, it still provides you with quality traffic; Other benefits include:

  • Higher Conversion Rates – With increased visibility, your business gains more opportunities for conversion. You can promote products and services that your business does.
  • Cost-Effective – Social media marketing is possibly the most cost-efficient part of an advertising strategy.
  • Allows you to develop a loyal customer base.
  • Build brand identity.
  • Drive website traffic – By posting on social media and being active all the time people will be attracted to click on links which will help with increasing traffic.