Take your job posting one step further with Emails

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Email can be an important source of communication in any business. Its fast, accessible and easy to put together and with 86% of professionals preferring to use email when communicating for business purposes, it is also one of the most popular. Also, with the added benefit of it practically being free to use; Its a no brainer that this method is continuously used.

In recruitment this method can be taken one step further to promote your job postings to reach more candidates; it can even be used to touch base with passive candidates. Here are some ways you can take your job posting one step further with emails.

Mailing list

Mailing lists can be the lifeblood of your marketing. Think about it, people that are in your mailing list are interested in what you have to offer, making it the perfect audience to market to.

If you are not too sure how to do this then here are a few steps to build your mailing list:

Create a form with essential fields

As well as asking for their name and email address, you could also ask them to fill out other optional fields. This could include their job industry, which you can send emails including jobs from that industry.

Optimise your recruitment website for opt-ins

As previously touched upon, your website should have a place where job seekers can easily find and input their details to receive marketing and job alerts from you. The key to this is making the user experience clear with a tick box to opt-in.

Build interest from a blog/content page

Sparking up interest to convert people to sign up to your mailing list can easily be done with regular and interesting content. A good way of doing this is to write blogs that will appeal to the target audience. Career advice, stories or news can be a subject that can attract a job seeker audience.


Another good way to get people to convert is to run a campaign that will benefit a potential applicant. One idea could be that you offer a free CV writing service if they register their details with you. The giveaway and prize draw element makes for a good attraction method.

How to use a mailing list

If you already have a database of candidates that have applied for previous roles or registered with you on your website, then straight away you have a connection to a pool of potential applicants.

When communicating about your job position, it is always good to scale down the contact list to approach the right people. Segmenting your email list can be easily done if you have asked for the right information from the job seeker, whether that is directly inputting the information about their job profile or getting them to fill out extra details when filling out the registration form on your website.

Emailing contacts from a segmented list also allows you to individualise the email making it be the most effective personalisation tactic. According to Mailchimp recipients are 75% more likely to click on emails from segmented campaigns than non-segmented campaigns.

Make use of email job alerts

Job alerts may be the most common way of using email to communicate with job seekers. The process of someone committing to sign up for your job alerts means they are invested to see the latest jobs you have to offer.

These emails can be very convenient to you because they are another way to give you ‘first mover advantage’ which basically means your job advert can be seen first by a job seeker before they job search.

Another reason why you should make use of job alert subscribers is that they can be an effective and efficient way to expose your jobs. Even if a registered person receiving the email isn’t actively searching for a job, if they are still getting the email, they can still be informed about a job vacancy.

The follow-up email

The good thing about emails is it allows you to quickly respond to events, and in this example, it’s about the follow-up email to maximise the jobs you serve to applicants.

After all the graft you put in advertising and recruiting for the role, its always good to follow up with applicants with an email about other job suggestions. By doing this you can build a rapport with the applicant that may have not been successful for the job role they applied for. Consequently, you are then exposing your job postings more to gain more applications.

Include other content

Emails don’t always have to display jobs to get more applicants. As mentioned, blogs and other content that interest the recipient may attract them to explore your site.

An email that focuses on career guidance or stories may then entice people to take action on your site like searching for jobs or applying for jobs.