Talent attraction in a post-Covid-19 world: Talent Matters webinar recap

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Following on from our first Talent Matters webinar on job board advertising during and post Covid-19 a couple of weeks ago, Wave’s CEO Dave Jenkins and Head of New Business Tom Mehmet joined forces again, this time to share their insight on how a post-Covid world might affect talent attraction strategies

The Talent Attraction in a Post-Covid-19 World webinar was centred on the strategies recruiters can implement moving forwards and discussed what we expect to happen with job boards, how technology plays an important role, and whether this might be the turning point for recruiters to start moving towards programmatic and performance-based advertising. We also looked at the importance of maintaining positive candidate experiences and why now is the time to create higher-value relationships with your clients.

Key takeaways

  • A shift from quantity to quality from job boards. Thanks to the high number of candidates that are now in the talent pool – a very different situation to that of the past decade – we believe job boards will move away from prioritising quantity over quality when it comes to the way they place jobs in front of candidates. This will ensure you will get a better result without the need for excessive screening. 
  • Job boards to change their charging structure. The days of job boards are not over but we believe they will have to adapt to charging using more of a performance-based model. Being locked into a 12 month contract when no-one knows what the next month will hold, let alone a whole year, is something that many recruiters are becoming increasingly hesitant to agree to.   
  • The creation of a job board/PPC ecosystem. Long term we believe it might be wise to diversify, combining contracts with a few job boards that you can rely on and ramping PPC up or down as and when you need it. This will allow you to ride out the peaks and troughs in the most efficient way.   
  • Maintain a positive candidate experience with the right tech. With an ever-growing number of candidates and applications, it is vital that you have the right technology and people in place to ensure that the candidates still receive a positive experience. With the right tech you are able to deal with an influx of applications whilst still maintaining a good relationship with candidates and screening those that aren’t the best fit without diminishing the candidate experience.    
  • Create higher value relationships with your clients. There are currently fewer jobs, which means fewer contracts. Recruiters will have to work harder to secure each job and it is now crucial to fully understand your clients’ branding. Work closely with your client so that you fully understand their business values and company culture. Prove that you know the marketplace and your clients inside and out and you will instill trust in both candidates and clients. 
  • Seek the expertise of those who have the data to ensure a healthy ROI. Now more than ever it is essential to spend your budget wisely and that means being able to make data-powered, intelligent decisions on where to place your money so that you get the best possible return. You may have that data through your tech or you may want to go to the job boards or a company such as Wave who can help you to move your money around to where it is best suited for your jobs in your market. 

We will be announcing the next webinar soon and would love to see you there so stay tuned for further details. In the meantime, feel free to rewatch the previous two Talent Matters webinars here and here whenever you choose and please do get in touch if you have any questions or would simply like a chat.