Tech can help in tough times

by in Industry and Markets, Recruitment, Talent Attraction

Times are tough at the moment, with all this Brexit nonsense and the Prime Minister leadership infighting going on; the rest of us are generally trying to get on with it. That’s not easy when, with everything going on, it’s causing such confusion. And more damaging to the recruitment industry, inaction.  Clients not hiring and candidates not moving. The former is less of an issue currently with more jobs available than in recent years but the ONS reported a drop in (861 – 837k) vacancies in the UK since the start of the year.  Challenges in talent shortages are not restricted to the UK though, the recruitment industry is facing challenges across the globe.

According to US economists, as of December last year, there were 7 million jobs in the US market and only 6 million unemployed people (source: This is an indication of a global struggle within the staffing industry. Recruiters are struggling to find candidates to fill their positions and more than ever there is a need to adjust to smarter talent acquisition strategies; this includes understanding which technology is available to you and how it can help. With any tech, it’s vital to understand what problems you are looking to solve before engaging with the various vendors out there.

There is a balance to be had. The traditional way of recruitment based on intuition and personal experience isn’t as effective in today’s market, however, the amount of recruitment tech available is vast and can overcomplicate the candidate journey.  Be cautious of the silver bullets to attraction.

It’s clear though that a ‘data-driven’ approach for recruitment will deliver more accurate and faster results and, in our instance, WaveTrackR, our job distribution and job board analytical tool will take out much of the guesswork of your job board advertising. By using this data, companies can get better and more informed results from their investment and ultimately save money in the long term.

The industry is facing some tough challenges and using the right tech at the right time will help but won’t solve all our problems! For me, it’s vital to use tech to inform and advise, but in recruitment it’s vital we don’t completely lose the human element as it’s the fundamental aspect of the industry.

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