The 4 A’s of a Smooth Candidate Journey

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We’ve all been there… starting a new job.   It’s a daunting experience, but often one that’s filled with just as much excitement as apprehension.  That’s why I think it’s essential to keep the prospective employee engaged throughout the application process.  I say process – but it’s really more of a journey, for both the employee and recruiter.

Following a few simple steps that I’ve called ‘the 4 As of Recruitment Advertising’, candidates will be able to remain engaged with the employer and the job role, while in return recruiters will avoid losing them to competitors throughout vulnerable stages of recruitment journey.

Attraction: the ad

This could be the first contact you make with your prospective employees, depending on the strength of your employer brand and your need to capture their attention.  But how do you do this in the fast-paced 21st century society we all live in?  Well, the truth is, in a number of ways.  The delivery, the content and the creative of an ad can all help to attract a potential applicant.  But please, please, PLEASE avoid assuming that a campaign or advert on Facebook or LinkedIn is enough to attract your target audience – research is still key.  There are many ways to skin a cat, and the same applies for attracting the talent you’re looking for!

Application: applying for the role and the interview

Now that the ad has done its job of attracting the shortlist, the application stage of the journey will help narrow down the recruiter’s candidates to a select few.  The prospective employee is likely to be applying for multiple roles with rival companies, so it’s important that when they make the decision to apply to your role, they know what they’re likely to expect.  More often than not, job ads can over-glamourise a position, and the description may become misleading.  So make it clear to the candidate about all the benefits of starting a career with your company; don’t just include details of the job.

Also, consider the long waiting period between the candidate applying for the role and the interview, as this can be off-putting and the candidate’s initial enthusiasm may become dampened.  So why not keep your applicant informed and interested with company emails and bulletins?  This way, they also learn more about the company first-hand.

Acceptance: offering of the job role

After managing the candidate’s expectations, the next ‘A’ is all about offering a job role to the successful applicant.  A personal touch could be added here (from a social media aspect) by adding the candidate to your LinkedIn network.

Acquisition and attainment: the first day and beyond

So now the successful applicant has made it to their first day, and that’s where the hard work stops, right?  Wrong.  By continuing to keep the employee engaged with performance reviews, career opportunities and incentives, the recruiter will be able to retain new employees and see them contribute to the business – which is the whole point of hiring new recruits, isn’t it?

So remember, it’s the recruiter’s job to guide the applicant through from the job ad to the first day, and then keep them engaged within their role at a company.  After all, recruiting an employee is more than just a process, it’s a journey.

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