The Micro Biz Bundle

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Calling all micro-businesses…!

Covid-19 has affected every corner of the globe and the recruitment industry has been far from immune. With a sharp downturn in many sectors, many agencies have had to make hard decisions and redundancies have been a sad result of that. However, the legacy of Covid is that new businesses have and will continue to grow from the rubble. History has shown us that crises necessitate creative solutions, often prompting growth and we want to support that growth at a time when the market is still in the very early stages of recovery. 

Right now, it remains tough out there. And that’s why we want to support micro-businesses (of 6 employees or under) to get them on their feet. Whether you were just getting going when Covid hit, have decided to set up your own business due to redundancy or are a small, local agency, we have an incredible offer to propel you onwards and upwards. 

As a micro-business, you’ll need a package to get you up and running as quickly as possible but with minimal initial investment. With limited staff resources, you’ll want to make sure your talented recruiters aren’t wasting countless hours on admin but are out there meeting clients and candidates and connecting talent with opportunities. You’ll need a system that can help you manage an influx of applications from the vast pool of talent that currently exists in the jobs market and maintains a positive candidate experience for all, no matter what stage in the process they reach. You’ll need a platform from which to promote your brand to clients and candidates alike, and to which candidates can come for content, information and, importantly, jobs. You’ll need software to post jobs to multiple job boards, your website, and social media channels all with a single click – even better if it’s powered by data to offer recommendations on where to post.

The good news? Our comprehensive package for micro-businesses can offer all this and more. Here’s what you get:

RecWebs Recruitment Website

A tailored recruitment website packed full of recruitment features and functionalities with a 2 hour copywriting service to get you started. Every website features recruitment SEO to help your site to climb to the top of search engines, social media integration tools to automatically publish your jobs on social media channels, and advanced job listings.

WaveTrackR Subscription

Our data-powered multiposter will post jobs to your website, job boards and social media all from one place to save you valuable time and its in-built analytics will make recommendations on where you should post jobs to help you achieve the greatest ROI. WaveTrackR’s candidate management system will allow you to rank and manage applications, automatically email those that aren’t suitable so that no candidate is left waiting and wondering, and builds an internal talent pool so that you don’t miss out on talent.       

A fantastic deal

We have scrapped all upfront costs so you won’t have to pay a penny until your website goes live or for 3 months, whichever comes sooner. After that it’s simply one payment per month of £150 for the entire package, which includes regular updates and ongoing support and training. We have also added 2 hours free copywriting for your website and 2 free users on WaveTrackR for the first year.

We’d love to be part of your start-up success story so please do contact us now for a chat.

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