The Race Is On

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Why undertake such a gruelling, physical pursuit you ask? Great question.

Looking back, one of the earliest events that’s been stitched into my memory was when I raced my beady eyed friend Teddy. 25 harrowing laps of the bath, I took the gold medal that night in a record time and emphatically finished Teddy’s swimming career – I held that record for nearly 11 months until I was 3 years old. Let’s just say from an early age I knew I had greatness inside me.

Speaking of vivid memories, it was the 24th March 2017, a night full of electricity and rock and roll, in part to do with “School of Rock” the show we were attending but, mostly due to that being the night two infamous rivals would agree to lock heads in a Triathlon to end all Triathlons. I’ll set set the scene, myself (of course), Kristin from Superlative Recruitment and Dave from Wave were sipping what I recall being a 1969 full bodied Cognac in one of London’s finest of the royal families establishments, the Prince of Wales, on Drury Lane. It was late now and after the intense laughter had settled from one of my notorious jokes I decided to move the conversation on to a more serious subject, charity. I mentioned to the gang that I was planning on competing in a Triathlon to raise fund for the elderly. I’ve always thought the elderly are people too.

Donal training for the Triathlon

Donal training for the Triathlon

My hope going into this evening was to give Dave the opportunity to represent the elderly, potentially speak on their behalf on the day of the Triathlon, a mascot if you will. The shrewd businessman that I am, I knew having somebody from the elderly representing the face of my campaign would help raise much more money. A selfless act indeed.

What I hadn’t planned for was when I started describing the different disciplines of what is entailed in a triathlon, Dave, yes Dave, my future mascot, to say he would also compete!! Kristin and myself simultaneously spilled our drinks, flabbergasted. Our first thought was for his health and wellbeing, was he even able to walk up a stairs unassisted???

The next day, fully expecting an apology from Dave saying he had one too many drinks and would gracefully bow out if I would be kind enough to still allow him to say a few words for the charity, yet another surprise. I received an email confirming he had signed up to swim 400 metres, cycle 20 kilometres and run 5 kilometres. I shared the email with some of my colleagues at Monster who thought it was another of my infamous jokes. It wasn’t.

Suddenly my mind changed… what if the old man beats me…

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