Tips to market colleges to new students

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It might be coming up to September and the new college term is about to start. However, your marketing strategy for next year should start now. Advertising your college is no easy A, but the yearly process of gaining interest is essential.

How do you market to potential students? Here are a few ways:

Find them on social media

Facebook has an advert manager section which allows you to create adverts and customise adverts to target a specific audience, like students or their parents. You can even target them by their interests and location. In the UK, school leavers are 16 years old and because of law, they have to stay in some form of education till they are 18 years old. Through Facebook ads, you can target this demographic which means this age range can be advertised to directly.

Win over the parents

As a college, you want to win students hearts, but parents minds are your true target! Parents have so much influence that they can convince their children in different directions if they feel like it is the best option for them.

Focusing on parents means targeting this audience group well, so having separate adverts that will interest that demographic is of key importance.

Bridgwater & Taunton Spotify Advertising

Spotify can get your message to the ears of potential students

Spotify is a good option

Spotify is a good option if you want to reach the passive listener. Every day students will listen to the free version of Spotify and every day they subconsciously take in adverts that are strategically played to them. Spotify has a potential audience of 25-30 million subscribers with adverts being able to target specific audiences.

Application and open day user journey

Students can be critical thinkers and if they are taken on a complicated journey when filling out a form for one of your open days, or even filling out an application to the college, they can end up judging a college just based on this process. Surprisingly, most colleges don’t have a simple process in gaining online applications, which is important because everyone is so digitally portable now. With this in mind, the application and open day form processes need to be mobile optimised. Your marketing might be bringing them to the website, but you do not want to lose them over something so trivial as your complicated form process.

Bridgwater & Taunton Landing page

Focus on your key message when building the landing page for your attraction campaign

Focus on the points that make you stand out

100% A-level pass rate? The newest upgraded equipment? Great central location? Showcase what makes you great at the forefront of your advertising. Highlighting primary factors that you are proud of as a college will really make you stand out. This is also very truthful advertising that will easily attract the potential student’s attention.

As with all marketing, student attraction campaigns present many challenges, although the benefits can be substantial. A well-delivered campaign and a well-designed website can make the difference between a student choosing you over a competitor. It is vital to ensure your marketing strategy is executed well.