Top 2018 Trends in The Recruitment Industry

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The economy is running at full steam. Unemployment is near rock-bottom.  This is all great news for job seekers, but for recruiters, this means we have to think and act differently. Doing what we did the last five years will not deliver the results we need for a successful 2018.

In this post, we will highlight some key trends we expect to see in 2018 in the recruiting industry.

More and more re-entry workers.

The increase in housing and living expenses will encourage more and more “former-workers” to jump back into the job market.  This is especially true for mothers who have taken a few years off to be with their children.  Rather than staying on the sidelines, they will quickly recognize that this is the best time to resume their careers.

Smart recruiters appreciate the skills of these former-workers: outstanding time management, conflict resolution and multi-tasking abilities, and most are open to re-entering in positions below their exit levels.

Plus, employers are able to get someone with a great attitude, great skills and experience beyond what the position calls (and probably pays) for.

LinkedIn as the go-to source for candidates.

LinkedIn will continue to be strong ways to find candidates. A job seeker’s first move is often to update his LinkedIn profile (quickly replacing the traditional resume) and then to hit the button to let recruiters know that he’s in the market.

LinkedIn has built in some functionality to let job hunters easily apply for a job and find connections to the hiring company.  It would be futile for any candidate to ignore LinkedIn.

Vertical job sites on the rise.

As LinkedIn is the immediate first thought when it comes to finding job opportunities, candidates will gravitate towards more vertical job sites.  Examples include for sales, for insurance, and for accounting.  The reasons are simple–these vertical job sites often contain more job postings suitable for the candidate.  And, candidates know that recruiters on these sites are specifically looking for a specific skillset.

More salary negotiations.

Candidates know that the job market is tight.  While they may be unfulfilled in their current role or unhappy with their boss, they know that they have a slight upper hand when it comes to working for a new company.

Savvy job seekers will negotiate much more strongly than before for a signing bonus or a higher compensation package as they know that there are fewer and fewer strong candidates vying for this same position.

All in all, as we enter the new year, with companies hiring more now that in previous years, we expect to see more re-entry of workers, LinkedIn getting more dominant, vertical job sites becoming more popular and candidates negotiating more for their compensation.

What other trends do you see in 2018 for the recruiting industry?

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