Useful tips from BrightonSEO

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Last week, Wave took part in one of the greatest search marketing conferences in Europe, BrightonSEO. The event gathered around 3,500 SEO professionals and digital business owners from all over the world. During the conference, we had the opportunity to attend very interesting talks about the latest SEO and digital marketing tips and successful business stories.

Here we are going to talk about some of the areas that were mentioned at the event.

Website content optimisation

Currently, the search engines and bots that crawl your website have become smarter, more ‘human’, than a few years ago. That is why your website content should be written made easily understandable for people. Of course, we cannot forget about search engine optimisation, however, our website content has to be written for humans. Otherwise, it might lose its audience and if visitors cannot easily find information they are looking for, they will be more likely to bounce from the site very quickly.

When we create web content, we need to think carefully about what we are going to include there. It is not just to write about anything to fill space on the page or to stuff it with keywords. We need to invest some time and evaluate what the website goals are.

When users browse the Internet, usually they are searching for answers to specific questions. The great web content should provide the answer to them. It should also increase a users curiosity further, which will result in a click on the CTA or evolve a ‘desire’ and ‘action’ stage from the AIDA model that will end in website goal conversion.

While creating web content, we need to answer the following questions:

  • Why should a user click on the link?
  • What makes us better than competitors?
  • How does our web content help users find the answers they are looking for?

Greg Gifford from Dealeron

At the BrightonSEO event, Gregg Gifford (@greggifford) gave another useful tip which was to read the content out loud. The purpose of this is to make sure that the content is easy to read and understandable for others. By reading aloud you can find out if the text reads smoothly and information in the text is clear.
In addition to this, we should also remember about good headings; to make them clear for both users and search engines and to not forget about targeted keywords.

Factors that might affect your web traffic

When it comes to analysing traffic on the website, external factors should also be taken into account. They might change user behaviour and are often missed in the web traffic analysis. The following factors are:

  • Weather
  • Events
  • Trends
  • Payday

For example, a nice sunny weather might increase the interest in outdoor activities. Websites that offer days out suggestions, things to do outdoors or garden centres might notice a higher number of sessions on their sites at that time. Similarly, ecommerce businesses which offer products such as summer clothes, BBQ, etc., might get more traffic over that time. It is worth remembering that increased traffic on an ecommerce website might not necessary mean sudden online revenue surge. Usually, these type of users need their product right now so they might perform an initial search and price check on the website and then visit the store later to make a purchase. For this reason having a website optimised for local SEO is important. It will help users find the business on Google maps and navigate them directly to the closest store.

Google changes to algorithm

Google makes 600+ changes to it’s algorithm in a year

Events might also affect your web visit trend. For example, if your website offers accommodation bookings or places to eat in specific locations, you might expect a higher interest in your service in the area where an event is taking place.

Sometimes it might be worth to checking what is trending and what people are searching for in general as this might be relevant to your business.
The last factor, payday, will mainly affect ecommerce websites but it is a great opportunity that can be used for planning your marketing campaign and sending newsletters with special offers.

Link building strategy

There is still contradictory information regarding whether link building affects your Google ranking or not. According to Google they don’t take this factor into account, however, other studies and research performed by businesses say something different. Although it is still unclear, it is definitely worth investing time into developing a long term trusted link building strategy. However, it needs to be done properly using the best SEO practice and guidance, otherwise your website will be penalised and you will lose your ranking position to competitors.

One of the best practises for effective and recommended link building strategy is investment in press release. It is a good and reliable way to increase traffic to your website, brand awareness, promoting a new product or service and improving your website visibility.

Brand authority

Malcolm Slade (@seomalc) during his talk got the right point by saying that the most successful SEO strategy is to get more people to search for you and your product. Your online marketing activities should focus on promoting your brand. When you do a keyword research you should not forget about brand searches. Well recognised and trusted websites can get more clicks from users, even if they are not on at the top of the search results. But if you manage to rank highly for long term keywords, you win ‘the ranking battle’. However, it’s best not to rest on one’s laurels as your competitor might surpass you very soon, so keep tracking and monitoring your online position regularly.

Meeting SEO experts

Wave previously attended the BrightonSEO conference in September 2016 and once again, the whole event was a great opportunity to discover and learn more about SEO from experts across the globe. It’s also a fantastic place, especially in the summer where apart from the very intense and busy learning experience; you can enjoy having lunch on the beach or evening drinks on Brighton Pier. It is definitely worth going if you are interested in improving your website online presence and we are looking forward to the next one, which will take place in September this year.