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Hello and welcome to our early October edition of Wave News! 

It’s been a fortnight of warnings of shortages of everything from toys to turkeys. A perfect storm of Brexit and COVID has led to driver shortages, most recently (and since writing this article) impacting fuel stations, leading to panic buying at the pumps. We looked at our data and found that driver applications actively increased in August, possibly as a result of the financial incentives being offered. Clearly, though, it’s not enough as the shortages continue to affect a growing number of industries. Our article looks at the implications for recruitment, what we can do now to ease the situation, and what the future may hold for Transport & Logistics jobs.

Staying on the subject of application rises, our WaveTrackR September 2021 Recruitment Trends Report found that applications rose for the first time since May. Could the end of the furlough scheme at the close of September have expedited an influx of candidates into the market? Combined with a (modest) rise in jobs, this is incredibly welcome news given the lack of candidate availability felt across the recruitment industry over the past few months. As well as detailing monthly and weekly application and job stats, the report also looks at some industry-specific data when it comes to those posting high numbers of jobs and those receiving a relatively high number of applications, average application per job data, and weekday job activity.  

We are extremely proud of everything we do and offer here at Wave but we are particularly proud of the service we provide to our clients. We understand that it is not good enough to merely deliver a quality product. Ongoing support and outstanding customer service is essential to ensure the product helps you to excel from the onboarding stage long into the future. It’s part of our Wave Promise and we’ve detailed just why we feel it is so important and how it benefits you.

Finally, we wouldn’t want you to miss out on the live chat Wave CEO Dave Jenkins will be having with UK Recruiter on October 5th at 11 am. He’ll be discussing the best job board strategies for 2022 and how to get them right. Register now for Recruitment Smarts Live for some great advice and to jump in with any comments or questions.  

We also have some great articles to share with you from the wider world of recruitment, including why your recruitment website needs to work extra hard for you during a candidate shortage (written by our very own David Malham for The Global Recruiter), indications that the UK is experiencing a tech hiring boom, why learning and development is the key to effective growth, and the importance of an empathetic approach to recruiting in a post-pandemic world. 


What’s new…

WaveTrackR September Report: Applications rise for first time since May and jobs continue to strengthen >

It’s good news for recruiters and employers alike this month as the WaveTrackR September 2021 Recruitment Trends Report found that applications rose for the first time since May. Could the end of the furlough scheme at the close of September have expedited an influx of candidates into the market? With jobs rising but at a steadier rate, the market appears to be beginning to stabilise. We look at all the stats across the month as a whole and from the weekly data, plus some industry-specific trends, allowing you to gain an insight into the current situation across recruitment.

Is the driver shortage about to ease as Transport & Logistics applications rise? >

We’ve all seen the headlines proclaiming that Christmas will be ruined yet again this year, but this time due to a shortage of HGV drivers. The shortage has been felt across a wide range of industries but the tide might be beginning to turn. WaveTrackR data has shown that in August applications within the Transport & Logistics sector increased for the first time since April. Could the rise in jobs, widely publicised increased salaries and signing on bonuses be taking affect?

The Wave Promise: Why our POD helps you to excel >

We develop and deliver outstanding products but without correspondingly outstanding customer service and support that simply wouldn’t be enough. That is why our Wave Promise, founded on 5 guiding principles that ensure we provide first-class support, is so important to us. I explain what that means and how it helps our clients to excel. 

Getting your job board strategy right for 2022 – UK Recruiter Live Chat >

Wave’s CEO, Dave Jenkins, joins Louise Triance from UK Recruiter to talk about job board strategy for 2022. Join us for a chat about the lessons learned over the past 18 months and how to kick start 2022.

What we are reading…

In a candidate shortage, your recruitment website needs to work extra hard >

We’ve gone old school with a link to a pdf of The Global Recruiter’s print magazine because our very own Client Services Director David Malham has written a piece on how to ensure your recruitment website is working extra hard during a candidate shortage. Check out page 33 for lots of great tips.

Tech hiring boom – 1 in 8 UK job opportunities in digital sector >

Interesting data just released suggests that a boom in investment in UK tech has led to a surge in hiring across the country, with industry jobs increasing by a significant amount.

Why great learning and development is the secret to effective growth >

There are many ways to scale up what your recruitment business is already doing but learning and development has a vital role to play in growth that continues year after year. This article offers advice on how to do just that.

Why organisations need to show an empathetic approach to recruiting post-pandemic >

Why placing empathy at the core of the recruitment process is essential if it is to reflect the changing attitudes towards work and culture in a post-pandemic world.