Wave News: August Jobs Data, The Great Resignation, Recruitment Website SEO and more

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Hello and welcome to our early September edition of Wave News!

It’s been a busy fortnight at Wave HQ, which is why we’re delighted to welcome a new Waver to the team. Elizabeth Bennett joins us as our new Web Designer and has hit the ground running, helping to design websites for our RecWebs clients. Having come from an art, design and photography background, Elizabeth is passionate about working through design challenges, meeting the brief and using her creative skills to produce beautiful websites that function perfectly. Welcome to the team Elizabeth!

We start our article overview with one of the hottest topics in recruitment over the past few weeks, what many are dubbing ‘The Great Resignation’. It’s been impossible to ignore – not only have we been noticing it in the world of recruitment, it’s been splashed across news outlets all over the world. With increasing jobs but decreasing applications, it’s a candidates market again and employees know it. With increased opportunities and a working landscape that has irrevocably changed since the pandemic began, employees have become less accepting of aspects of their jobs that they simply put up with before, sparking a rise in resignations. We examine how we’ve come to this situation and what it means for recruitment.

The humble call to action (CTA) may use simple design elements and few words but it contains within it the power to convert visitors into clients or applicants – a mighty feat for a single button. To leverage the full power of a CTA on your recruitment website, there are a few golden rules that should be followed, something we delve into in greater detail in our article dedicated to them. Take note, action and see your conversions rise!

In a competitive market, anything that can give you that extra boost – and at no extra cost to your business – deserves to be implemented. To that end, we’ve listed our top 5 underrated SEO strategies (plus a bonus one at the end) to help you to boost your search engine ranking and increase organic traffic to your recruitment website.  

A competitive market is certainly what we’re seeing right now, as proven by the WaveTrackR August Report. Jobs continue to soar as applications drop, widening the gap between available jobs and candidate availability. We dig into the figures and look at the industries posting the highest jobs and those receiving the highest applications. 

In our round-up of the best of the rest from the world of recruitment over the past couple weeks you can read about strategies to help recruit and support working parents, tips to help candidates navigate their first 90 days of a remote role, the rise of AI in talent acquisition and what we expect in the future, plus how and why you can hire for soft skills. 


What’s New…

WaveTrackR August Report highlights soaring jobs and dropping applications >

The upwards trajectory for jobs continued in August, soaring above anything seen this year yet and far above last year’s figures. It’s indicative of a growing economy but, with applications dropping for the third consecutive month, we are suffering from a frustrating lack of candidates. We look into what this means, as well as examining the other data the report throws up.

What the Great Resignation means for the recruitment industry >

Jobs are rising, applications are down and we have reverted back to a candidates market, sparking what many are calling The Great Resignation. Employee expectations have changed and, with the increased opportunities in the market, they are talking with their feet. We look at what this means for employers and the recruitment industry and how recruiters can leverage this to their advantage. 

The golden rules for recruitment website CTAs >

What makes a perfect call to action? We look at the golden rules to maximise the power of CTAs, helping you to increase conversions on your recruitment website. Packed with hints and tips, our article dedicated to CTAs will help you to understand their purpose and how to utilise them to their fullest potential.   

The underrated SEO strategies that will boost traffic to your recruitment website >

Ensuring your recruitment website follows SEO best practices is crucial but there are several underrated strategies that could raise your presence on search engines and increase organic traffic. We examine the highly effective SEO strategies that often fly under the radar so that you can ensure you’re doing all you can to increase your online presence at no extra cost to your business.

What we are reading…

How your clients can support working parents through the recruitment process >

The pandemic was especially challenging for working parents; this article addresses strategies that businesses can employ to help support parents and why it makes sense to recruit from this talent source. 

Top tips for helping candidates to succeed in the first 90 days of a virtual role >

A growing number of candidates will be starting their new jobs virtually by choice as well as because of pandemic-induced workplace policies. This guides recruiters through how to help candidates in their first 90 days of a virtual role.

The rise of AI in Talent Acquisition – and a look at what’s next >

Recruiting teams using AI are seeing its value and adoption is becoming more widespread. This article looks at the current state of AI in talent acquisition and what we can expect in the future.

Hiring for soft skills: benefits and tips >

Focusing on soft skills can open up the talent pool. This article offers tips for switching to a soft skills-focused hiring process and how that can help in a candidate-light market.