Wave News: Building a candidate attraction powerhouse, April jobs data, awards shortlist and more

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Hello and welcome to the May edition of Wave News!

It’s an exciting time here at Wave HQ as we found out that we have been shortlisted as a finalist for the Talent Tech Innovation Award at the 2022 TIARA Talent Tech Star Awards. We are beyond thrilled that we have got the final stages of these prestigious awards and are looking forward to celebrating at the awards ceremony. Watch this space for updates and photos!

Wave CEO Dave Jenkins recently joined industry stalwart Louise Triance on her excellent podcast, Recruitment Smarts Live, where they chatted about how to build a candidate attraction powerhouse. It’s a hugely insightful chat, covering what makes great recruitment technology, how to keep recruitment human-focused in a digital world, tips on attracting candidates now that will also work in the future, and a variety of other candidate attraction strategies. We’ve collated the key takeaways from the podcast but if you didn’t manage to catch it live, it is well worth a listen here.

When you look at the latest WaveTrackR jobs and application data, investing in a candidate powerhouse will undoubtedly seem like a sensible strategy. Following boosted figures in March, the WaveTrackR April 2022 Recruitment Trends Report revealed falls in both jobs and applications. We look at the possible reasons for those drops and examine some industry-specific stats in our round-up of recruitment data from April.

With low candidate availability, what you don’t want is candidates dropping off at any point in the process – and that includes before they’ve even made contact with you. Candidates may visit your website several times before they apply for that first job or register their CV, which is why the candidate journey on your website is so important. Get it wrong and you might lose them at the homepage. We offer advice on how to ensure the journey is positive in order to encourage them to travel to the application stage and beyond as well as furthering your positioning as a recruiter to be trusted and a leader in your field.

In our round-up of curated content from the world of recruitment, you can read why humans and AI must work together to achieve the best results in the recruitment space, a new Monster report that suggests that hybrid working is here to stay (among a host of other interesting findings), how and why you should start vlogging on LinkedIn, alternative tips on how to fill your jobs (hint: this will involve coaching your clients), and tips on mastering a great LinkedIn profile.


What’s new…

Wave thrilled to be finalists at the TIARA Talent Tech Star Awards >

The Wave team couldn’t be prouder to have been shortlisted for the prestigious TIARA Talent Tech Star Awards. The Talent Tech Innovation Award recognises an HR or recruitment technology solution that has transformed or substantially improved talent acquisition for recruitment companies, something that we aim to do every day through our complete solution for candidate attraction.

How to build a candidate attraction powerhouse: the biggest takeaways from Dave’s Recruitment Smarts Live chat >

Whenever Dave and Louise get together on a podcast, it’s well worth a listen and this time they chatted about what every recruiter wants – a candidate attraction powerhouse. They spoke about the importance of onboarding training and seamless integrations when it comes to great recruitment technology, keeping recruitment human-centric in a word dominated by technology, candidate attraction tools and strategies, and one of the most under-used yet powerful candidate attraction tools – the recruitment website.

WaveTrackR April 2022 Recruitment Trends Report finds jobs and applications both suffered falls in April >

From boosted jobs and applications figures in March to falls in both areas in April, WaveTrackR’s April 2022 Recruitment Trends Report reveals data worth digging into. We look at the possible causes – could it just have been the Easter holidays or is the rising cost of living and war in Ukraine impacting business decisions? – and take a look at other recruitment data worth knowing about.

The importance of acing the candidate journey on your recruitment website >

We all know that the candidate journey on your recruitment website can take many twists and turns but in order to ensure the outcome is positive, that journey must be seamless. We offer hints and tips to help you to ensure you don’t lose candidates in their travels through your website, significantly increasing your chances of securing perfect placements for your candidates and great new hires for your clients.

What we are reading…

Technology in Recruitment: why Humans and AI must work together for the best results >

As technology encroaches into every area of our lives and fears start to grow over the possibility of AI replacing human jobs, I argue in an article for UK Recruiter that the best approach is for recruiters to work alongside AI to achieve optimum results.

UK hiring plans up while skill shortages greater than ever says new Monster report >

A new Monster report – Flexible Future: UK Hiring Outlook 2022 – focusing on the hiring outlook and the return to work in the UK in 2022 lays bare the reality that flexible work is here to stay. Some interesting stats and an insightful read.

How vlogging builds recruitment brands on LinkedIn >

Is vlogging the way to go to get your recruitment agency noticed on LinkedIn? This article believes so, suggesting that if you’re serious about showcasing your business on LinkedIn, the most powerful thing you can do is buck the trend for written content.

This is how to fill more jobs >

How do I fill more jobs? Isn’t this the golden question every recruiter wants the answer to right now? Ok, there’s no silver bullet here but it does encourage you to use another key skill that, approached the right way, is essential. Coaching clients on how to recruit in this market.

Setting up your LinkedIn profile for success >

What defines a good LinkedIn profile? Both candidates and clients will turn to LinkedIn when searching for the right partner so your profile needs to really sell you and your agency. This article offers some great advice on how to ace yours.