Wave News: December jobs data, popups on websites and more

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Hello and Happy New Year! Welcome to our first Wave News of 2022. We hope you had a restful break and are forging into 2022 with renewed energy.

First on the agenda is to take a look back at December. Data from WaveTrackR’s December report has shown that both jobs and applications fell in the final month of the year, the first time they have simultaneously fallen since April. However, as December is notoriously slow with businesses winding down activity and candidates taking a break, a reduction in both jobs and applications was expected. Whether they pick up again in January will be the real test as to the state of the job market as we enter 2022. Take a look at our blog analysing the results of the report for further clarity on what the market looked like as the year closed.

Pop-ups – do you love them or hate them? Pop-up adverts are a divisive subject in the world of website design. Some feel there is no place for them as they can annoy visitors, others value their use as a conversion tactic and as a way to help direct visitors to perform an action that will be useful to them. We encourage their use on recruitment websites but advise caution. They need to be used carefully, contextually and with purpose, respecting the user so that the pop-up helps rather than annoys. It’s a fine balance, which is why we’ve compiled a guide to help you navigate the dos and don’ts of pop-ups.

Just 2 years ago Wave held a Talent Matters event that focused on flexible working – why companies should offer it, how it can benefit both the employee and the business, what we should do to encourage its wider acceptance. Fast forward to the beginning of 2022, after entire businesses had to set up remotely almost overnight and teams have worked from home on and off for 22 months, and it is now not just a perk but expected by many. We look at how, in a candidate-short market, the inclusion or not of flexible working in a job ad is the new frontier in the war for talent. 

In our round-up of the best of the rest from the world of recruitment, you can read about the pros and cons of hybrid work models, what candidates value most when looking for jobs, the importance of casting your net wide when pitching for clients, and the rise of lucrative jobs not requiring a degree.


What’s new…

WaveTrackR report shows a fall in jobs and applications as 2021 ends >

WaveTrackR’s final report of 2021 showed a dip in both jobs and applications in December. We look at what this means and examine other jobs and application data, including industry specifics, in order to get an overview of the market as 2021 closed.

The case for pop-ups on your recruitment website >

Pop-ups have been unfairly tarnished by spammy, zero-value, incredibly annoying versions. Implemented well, pop-ups can increase user interaction, provide your users with valuable information now and in the future, and capture user details. We show you how to do them right in our helpful guide to pop-ups.  

How flexible working became the new frontier in the war for talent >

For many candidates, flexible working is no longer considered a perk but an expectation. In an article published on UK Recruiter, I considered how, in a highly competitive, candidate-driven market, it has become incredibly important to offer flexible working options in order to attract and retain talent.

What we are reading…

The pros and cons of hybrid remote work >

Thinking about taking your business remote in 2022? This article details the various models you could adopt, as well as the pros and cons of remote work to help you figure out what’s best for your organisation.

Employee support and care now top of job wish list according to new Monster research >

In a candidate-short market it’s vital to know what jobseekers are looking for. Recent research by Monster has revealed candidates’ priorities when searching for a job and a caring and supportive culture tops the list.  

This change will mean more placements >

With candidate availability still low, should recruiters think more about what sort of organisation today’s candidates favour? Greg Savage ponders whether a big brand client is the golden egg it used to be.

Get ahead: Adzuna finds highest-paying jobs not requiring a degree >

As the job market evolves, new positions are emerging providing more lucrative opportunities for non-graduates. Could 2022, characterised by about shortages, be a year of financial opportunity for jobseekers without a degree?