Wave News: Further rise of jobs, Healthcare recruiting crisis, older worker career switching and more

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Hello and welcome to the mid-August edition of Wave News. We started the month with a look back at July as we published the WaveTrackR July Report. Yet again we saw declining applications against a backdrop of soaring jobs as Freedom Day marked the end of all restrictions. We look at the facts behind the figures as, after 18 months, we find ourselves back in a candidate-short market.   

With candidates in short supply, we should be doing all we can to encourage workers to stay in the workforce, which is why changing careers later in life should be made more accessible. We probe the benefits and examine the barriers older workers face when contemplating a career change and how they can be removed.  

There may be a general shortage of candidates but some industries are feeling it more than others, with Healthcare & Nursing struggling more than most to fill vacancies. It’s a historic problem made worse by a variety of factors, including the pandemic and Brexit. We dig into the data and try to find answers.

What pages does your recruitment website have? We take a good look at pages that may not get the limelight that the homepage enjoys and extoll their virtues. Never will they be undervalued again!

In our list of curated content from the world of recruitment, you can read Wave CEO Dave Jenkins’ musings on the sudden demand for recruiters, why and how you can hire and retain younger talent, a wonderfully upbeat article on why recruiters should take a moment to congratulate themselves, and advice from Greg Savage on how to successfully traverse the recruitment ‘valley of death’ (the dangerous period between offer acceptance and officially starting a new role).


What’s new…

WaveTrackR report reveals a further rise in jobs in July but increased decline in applications

The WaveTrackR July report revealed that jobs continued their seemingly unstoppable upwards trajectory in July but applications declined for the second consecutive month. We take a good look at the data, including the industries that posted the highest percentage of jobs and those that received the highest numbers of applications and investigate the reasons for the figures.

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Why switching careers should be more accessible for older workers

With an ageing workforce and a deficit of candidates shouldn’t we make it easier for those who want to keep working later in life to do so? One way to avoid burnout and job fatigue is to switch careers but career-changing for older workers needs to be more accessible and less taboo. We look at how this could benefit the job market and the economy, plus what the recruitment industry can do to enable this.

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Why Healthcare is experiencing a recruiting crisis

The applications figures for Healthcare & Nursing make startling reading. WaveTrackR data over the past few months has shown applications steadily declining and at a faster rate than other industries. We investigate why and posture possible solutions to tackle what is fast becoming a recruitment crisis.

What can be done >

The undervalued pages your recruitment website needs

In a tribute to the undervalued website pages that we think deserve more kudos for what they bring to the table, we look at how each provides incredible and measurable value, increasing your recruitment website’s ROI and helping you to attract more talent as well as more clients.

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What we are reading…

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Wave CEO Dave Jenkins looks at the data behind the surge of recruiter jobs, giving his thoughts on why recruiters are back in demand what it means for the economy. 

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What can businesses do to appeal to and retain the best talent from among Generation Z and Millennials? This article offers advice on hiring and retaining younger workers. 

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