Wave News: Hospitality candidate crisis, Dave’s take on the great resignation and more

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Hello and welcome to our mid-September edition of Wave News!

We’ve been spending some time looking into shortage sectors, i.e. those that are facing particular struggles to fill vacancies. First on our agenda was Catering & Hospitality, an industry slammed by historic shortages, the pandemic and Brexit. It’s the latter that is hammering an industry just getting back on its feet as it struggles to fill the gaps left by the thousands of EU workers that have returned to the continent.

We also looked at the vital importance of the contact page on your recruitment website. It may not be the most exciting page but its role as vehicle to conversions deserves full attention. We list easily actionable ways that you can make the most of this crucial page. 

Last but certainly not least comes a challenge by our CEO Dave Jenkins to the widespread opinion that businesses are going to be hit by The Great Resignation. He offers some compelling arguments to the contrary based on the premise that most people actually want a bit of stability right now. 

In our round-up of the best of the rest from the world of recruitment, you can read about the potential impact on hiring from the new NI tax rises, why recruiters are now back in demand (hint: it’s a great reflection on the economy as a whole), the forgotten areas of diversity and how incorporating them all can help businesses flourish, and how to keep your client relationships warm even if they aren’t currently hiring. 


What’s new…

Hospitality faces mass EU migrant exodus as jobs soar >

Following a devastating year for Catering & Hospitality, jobs are now soaring. It is a great indication of the continued health of the market but this could be put in jeopardy by the seismic candidate shortage the industry is facing. A number of factors have led to this situation but perhaps most damaging is the huge number of EU workers that have left the UK thanks to the perfect storm created by Brexit and the pandemic. We look into the data and discuss what could be done to mitigate the effects.

How to increase conversions through your contact page >

It may not be the most exciting page on your website but your contact page is vital. It’s where you can solidly make those all-important conversions and is crucial from an SEO point of view. We look at easily actionable ways you can improve your contact page to the benefit of your website and your business as a whole.

The Great Resignation is NOT coming >

Wave CEO Dave Jenkins has an alternative view to what many are calling the Great Resignation. With 2 decades in recruitment under his belt, he believes that the headlines have been sensationalised and that what the majority of people actually want right now is stability.

We’re hiring a Client Success Manager >

Wave is looking for an individual with exceptional communication and project management skills to join our Client Services team as Client Success Manager.

What we are reading…

Why the NI tax rises are a kick in the teeth for small businesses and lower earners >

Our very own Dave Jenkins argues that the new national insurance tax rises planned for April 2022 are regressive and disproportionately unfair on small businesses and lower earners. 

Why recruiters are back in demand >

Following a tumultuous year, recruiter jobs are currently rising at breakneck speed. I looked into WaveTrackR data for UK Recruiter and dug into the reasons behind the surge, plus offered strategies for successful hires. 

Forgotten diversity: making organisations truly inclusive >

An insightful Q&A examining the often overlooked ‘other’ forms of diverse talent, how the pandemic has helped and hindered these groups and the need for organisations to go further when it comes to diverse hiring.

How hiring firms can keep clients warm when they are not hiring >

Jobs are up but if any of your clients aren’t hiring how can you keep them engaged without seeming pushy? This article offers a range of tips maintain and fortify your client relationships whatever the pace of the market.