Wave News: Job board strategy for 2022, the importance of maintenance and support for your website, and more

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Hello and welcome to your mid-October edition of Wave News!

We start with an article based on the live chat Wave CEO Dave Jenkins had with UK Recruiter earlier in the month. Entitled ‘Getting your job board strategy right for 2022’, the conversation revolved around post-pandemic job board strategies, the importance of quality job ad copy and alternative ad platforms. It’s a great watch so if you didn’t catch it live, make sure to take a look here. In the meantime, I’ve compiled the insights into an easy to read article so check it out below.  

We all heard about Facebook’s 6-hour outage a couple of weeks ago and it struck me that any site, however big, can suddenly go down at any time. What matters is how it is handled. Facebook has a huge support team, which was why such a major outage could be resolved within a few hours. It underlines the vital importance of retaining a support team once your website goes live so that security, maintenance, updates and emergencies such as downtime can be handled by experts and solved quickly.

Another essential for your recruitment website is ensuring that the jobs on your jobs page are optimised for Google for Jobs. This incredibly useful tool offers a free way to increase organic traffic to your website and your jobs so should be fully utilised as part of your talent attraction strategies. We explain how to optimise your jobs for Google for Jobs and highlight some important upcoming updates.

The gas price increases may be hurting household pockets but they have the potential to take down energy-intensive factories which don’t benefit from a price cap. With energy prices having already risen 250% since the beginning of the year, manufacturers both directly and indirectly affected are pushing for an emergency government loan to prevent thousands of jobs being lost. We look at how this affects the market and what the ramifications could be.

In our roundup of what we’ve enjoyed reading from the wider world of recruitment, we bring you top tips to transform your job adverts, a look at the importance of tackling digital inequality in a hybrid workplace, the potential and limitations of AI in recruiting, and the increased importance of non-financial benefits for job seekers in 2021.   

Last, but in no way least, we’re thrilled to announce a new addition to the Wave team, Ruby Moss. Ruby has come in as our Media Strategist and some of you will already have spoken with her about your recruitment media strategies. Ruby is on hand to undertake research into the media options that will provide you with the best ROI, offer expert advice, and help you to plan your media strategy. Alongside that, she will also be providing support to our WaveTrackR clients. Welcome to the team Ruby!

What’s new…

Getting your job board strategy right for 2022 >

Wave CEO Dave Jenkins talked job boards with UK Recruiter during a recent Recruitment Smarts Live session. The conversation revolved around post-pandemic job board strategies, the importance of quality job ad copy and alternative ad platforms.

How the Facebook outage underlines the importance of support for your recruitment website >

The global outage recently suffered by Facebook shows just how important quality website support is for any business, big or small. In the event of a malfunction, it is essential that you have a support team on hand to solve the issue – and fast. 

How to optimise your job ads for Google for Jobs >

A huge number of candidates use search engines as a tool in their job search, which is why utilising Google for Jobs is so important. Not only will it give your jobs more reach online, but it will also increase traffic to your recruitment website. We offer top tips to optimise your jobs to ensure they rank highly in relevant searches in Google’s Jobs section. 

Manufacturing jobs at risk amidst soaring energy prices >

As gas prices rocket, energy-intensive factories and manufacturing plants could collapse, putting thousands of jobs at risk. WaveTrackR has already seen higher than average applications in the industry. As the Treasury plans to step in and shore up at-risk businesses, these plants and factories that directly manufacture and play a crucial part in the supply chain for manufacturers should survive the winter, saving thousands of jobs. 

What we are reading…

5 tips that will transform your job adverts >

With candidate activity dropping, perfecting your job advert is more crucial than ever. In an article written for UK Recruiter I offer 5 tips to help you transform your job adverts, increase your talent attraction and see quality applications rise.

Digital Inequality >

A report suggesting two-thirds of business leaders are concerned about digital inequality in new hybrid models of working highlights the importance of navigating the digital experience of all employees.  

Using AI in candidate assessment >

An interesting article debating the following the question: where can recruiters benefit from AI and where does the line need to be drawn so that we don’t sacrifice the all-important human element of recruiting?

Benefits carry more weight as workers pick new jobs >

Findings from a new report reveal how much more candidates and employees value non-financial benefits when searching for a new job.