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Hello and welcome to the April edition of Wave News!

Spring is most definitely in the air. It’s a time of new beginnings and we are all for that here at Wave. This month we welcomed a new member to the Wave Marketing team – Chris Ash joins us as our new Marketing Executive and is already busily planning events and getting himself acquainted with Wave’s social channels. Chris is part of a huge growth plan for Wave over the coming months, with four other new hires in the pipework. Keep your eyes peeled for details of new Wavers coming on board in the near future!

March proved to be a hive of job activity following a few relatively quiet months. The WaveTrackR March 2022 Recruitment Trends Report revealed that both jobs and applications were up on February’s figures. In fact, March proved to be the strongest month of the year to date, with applications higher than at any point in 2021 as well as 2022. Take a look at the report, which digs into a range of jobs and applications data, and our article which goes into further detail.

Despite a rise in applications, the labour shortage we’re currently facing – and have been for the past 10 months – is not likely to fully ease any time soon. WaveTrackR data has recorded a phenomenal rise in jobs from May 2021 which, for a long time, sat alongside relatively low application numbers. Those figures are plateauing now but still represent a market low on candidate availability compared to the vacancies needing to be filled. The competition for candidates is fierce, which further highlights the need for a positive candidate experience. And to do that, you need to humanise the entire recruitment process. We look into actionable ways to do just that in our article ‘Why the recruitment process needs to be humanised’.

Recruiters are expert multi-taskers and so too are recruitment websites. As well as attracting both candidates and potential clients, acting as a 24/7 recruiter and a job board, providing key information about your business, and offering industry insights, your website is also an incredibly important branding tool. We look at the importance of a strong brand identity and how you can utilise your recruitment website to showcase it.

Planned well and executed strategically, content marketing can be a great tool with which to attract candidates to your recruitment website, to your jobs, and to your brand. Your content needs to be updated regularly, provide value, and position you and your team as thought leaders. Sharing targeted content is a great way to connect with candidates and build relationships. We look at the importance of strategic planning in order to maximise the success of your content marketing.   

In the best of the rest in the world of recruitment, you can read about whether degrees are really worth it in today’s job market, highlights from March’s Report on Jobs, what to look for when you’re hiring new recruiters to your team, and how to tap into hidden workers when facing a labour shortage. We end with Wave CEO Dave Jenkins’ year in review – a look back at the crazily busy days of 2021 as the market was flipped on its head. As we look forwards into 2022, that’s not looking like changing any time soon!


What’s new…

Jobs and applications rise as WaveTrackR’s March 2022 Recruitment Trends Report reveals a flurry of activity >

WaveTrackR’s March 2022 Recruitment Trends Report shows a positive increase in job activity for many industries, despite the uncertainties resulting from the war in Ukraine and rising business costs. We compare industry data, look at best times to post, job board performance, and more.

Why the recruitment process needs to be humanised >

With the labour shortage continuing to be a headache for recruiters, we look at why the recruitment process needs to be humanised to attract talented candidates to your jobs, keep them in the process, and lead to an offer acceptance.

5 tips to boost your branding through your recruitment website >

As your online ID, your recruitment website is the perfect vehicle to boost your branding, in terms of both design and company values. A well-branded website will ensure all visitors view your company in the way you want them to. It will enable you to stand out from competitors and increase your credibility. To help you boost your branding through your recruitment website, we’ve compiled 5 top tips.

How to increase your recruitment website’s candidate attraction with a content marketing plan >

Planning your content marketing will help to ensure your website’s content is highly targeted, relevant and of value, as well as in the right format and posted in the right place, at the right time. Do it right and you can expect to increase your website’s candidate attraction and increase conversions.

What we are reading…

Is a university degree still relevant in today’s market? >

Do university degrees still provide the value they once did? Do employers place the same amount of importance on them or are skills, experience and a willingness to learn on the job more important in today’s job market? With university tuition fees at an all-time high and cost of living rapidly rising, I examine whether a degree is still worth it.

KPMG and REC, UK Report on Jobs >

Interesting statistics in the KPMG and REC UK Report on Jobs for March, including permanent placements rising at the slowest pace for a year, the continuing labour shortage causing record rises in starting salaries, and vacancy growth hitting a six-month high.

You must hire more drinkers >

Ok, that title is slightly misleading. Greg Savage explains what he thinks makes the best recruiter, using his DRIINCKAE theory to suggest what to look for when you’re hiring new recruiters.

Hidden Workers >

We have talked at length about the historic and continuing labour shortages in Public Sector. This article suggests recruiters tap into the diverse group of ‘hidden workers’ to access talented candidates for this and other industries facing similar skills shortages.