Wave News: New Vincere integration, the impact of freedom day, and more

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Hello and welcome to our early August edition of Wave News!

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks here at Wave as we announced a brand new WaveTrackR integration with Vincere, one of the leading CRM/ATS platforms specifically designed for recruitment and staffing agencies. WaveTrackR’s integration means that recruiters can utilise the multi-posting and analytical power of WaveTrackR right from within their Vincere account. We’re thrilled with this new partnership as we know it will add huge value to both WaveTrackR and Vincere users. 

July 19th marked Freedom Day, when all remaining restrictions were lifted, including the instruction to work from home where possible. This has renewed the debate as to whether businesses should be requesting staff to return to the office and social media and news outlets have been awash with a raft of different opinions on the matter. We dig into what a range of businesses are planning and ask how this affects talent attraction

As the economy reopens and businesses begin a hiring frenzy, candidate availability is actively declining. We’ve looked into the reasons for this in our blog asking where are all the candidates? The whys are many and various but the fact is that this talent shortage must be tackled. In an article published on UK Recruiter, we offer tips on how to increase your candidate attraction in a competitive market. 

Hero images – what are they and why are they so vital to the success of your website? Hero images can be a visual treat, engaging the user and drawing them into your website, coaxing them to explore further. Chosen wisely, they can boost your brand and your messaging, plus strengthen trust and evoke the right emotions. Done well, they really can be website heroes. Given all this we thought it was about time we gave the hero image its own article. Take a look to find out more about hero images and for some hints and tips on choosing the right ones.     

In our round-up of the best of the rest from the world of recruiting, you can read how peer-to-peer learning could help to increase talent attraction, dig into data that suggests that recruiter hiring is soaring worldwide, find out what benefits younger workers are really looking for, and learn about the technology that can help you to hire more diversely.


What’s New…

WaveTrackR excited to announce Vincere integration

The WaveTrackR team is thrilled with our new integration with Vincere. We are always looking for ways to improve the recruitment experience and this integration does just that. Our article details the benefits of the integration and what you can expect from it. 

What Freedom Day means for the future of home working

The removal of the instruction to work from home where you can has set the world of work alight again. Should you mandate how often staff come into the office or is a truly flexible policy the way of the future? How does this affect talent attraction? Is flexible working a perk or is it now expected by candidates? We look into all this and more as we navigate the great home working debate.

How to up your candidate attraction game amongst declining applications

Applications are declining yet jobs continue to soar and recruiters are feeling it. Candidate availability is dropping and the challenge has shifted from managing an influx of applications to dealing with what is fast becoming an acute labour shortage. How can you increase your candidate attraction in market that is becoming readily competitive? We offer a raft of tips to tackle this drop in candidates. 

How to ensure your hero image is a true recruitment website hero

A thoughtfully chosen hero image can grab attention, reduce your bounce rate, boost your branding, increase applications and build trust. Not bad for a single image. But what exactly is a hero image, why are they so crucial to your website and what should you include?

What we are reading…

Why peer-to-peer learning will be the answer to attracting top talent >

As it becomes increasingly more difficult to attract top talent, organisations and recruiters need to be aware of what candidates are looking for. Training is highly requested but have you thought about peer-to-peer training or mentorships? This article looks into its benefits.

New data shows a soaring demand for recruiters and where you can find more of them >

Recent LinkedIn data reveals great news for recruiters – there is soaring demand for recruiter roles across the globe. LinkedIn research has found insightful information detailing a range of recruiter hiring data. Well worth a read. 

30% of young workers in the UK want travel vaccinations included in their benefits packages >

What benefits do younger workers want to see included in their package? Not what they’re currently being offered, according to recent research which found that only 16% of Gen Z employees feel their benefits are suitable for them. This article looks at what they really want

AI’s role in diverse hiring >

How can technology help you to recruit more diversely? This article digs into AI’s role in diverse hiring.