Wave News: November jobs data, how to humanise job copy, acceleration of AI and more

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Hello and welcome to the early December edition of Wave News. 

We have been getting suitably festive here at Wave, with an early Christmas celebration at Newbury Races at the end of November. It was great to get the whole team together and celebrate what has been an incredibly busy year. 

And our team has grown over the past month. We are delighted to welcome 2 new Wavers. Merci Resullar has joined the Media team as Media Support to help our clients with any media enquiries and Rebecca Stevens has joined the Client Services team to join Polly Payne as our new Client Success Manager. Rebecca will cover Polly while she is on maternity leave next year. 

While we’ve been hiring, many other companies have too. WaveTrackR’s November Recruitment Trends Report revealed that jobs have risen and applications have dipped. The jobs figures are extraordinary given we are approaching the end of the year. It seems we will be experiencing a candidate-driven market for some time to come. Our article looks at the key findings from the report and what they mean for the industry.

When you’re busy writing a job ad and ensuring you have included the right keywords and specs, it’s easy to forget that you are writing for people. We’ve delved into the importance of humanising your job ad copy and how it can help attract more talent – something that’s even more important when candidate availability is low.

The advancement of AI is an unstoppable force. It’s not if it will happen but when it will advance and to what extent. We looked at what the acceleration of AI means for employees and recruitment functions. Spoiler alert: you’re unlikely to lose your job to a robot any time soon!

Your recruitment website should be key to your recruitment marketing strategy, which is why it is so important that a recruitment website design agency is employed to design and build it. We look at how a specialist agency will ensure that your website works hard for you, increasing your talent attraction and turning visits into applications and new clients. We also look at how your recruitment website can stand out from the crowd – increasingly important in such a competitive market.

In our round-up of the best content from the world of recruitment, you can read about whether the end of furlough has increased candidate applications, what the priorities are for young workers, why skills should be a greater indication of a candidate’s suitability than their CV, and how to attract more disabled candidates (and, crucially, why it matters).

I hope you enjoy Wave News’ penultimate edition for 2021!

What’s New…

Jobs up (again) and applications down: WaveTrackR November data reveals the continuation of a candidate-driven market >

Our monthly round-up of job activity data has found that, after a slight fall in October, jobs are on the ascendence once more, whilst applications fell by 1% following a 2-month rise. We look at and analyse all the data, including industry-specific figures, to give a better, up to date, understanding of the current market as we approach the end of the year.

How to humanise your job advert copy >

Job adverts are hard to get right but your talent attraction depends on it. Word length, structure, keywords – all are important, but so is humanising your copy. Remembering that you are writing for people to read and respond to will transform your job ad copy from dry job description to compelling job ad. In this article, we offer tips on how to write job adverts that people will connect with.

What does the acceleration of AI mean for recruitment? >

AI is fast developing and its use in the workplace increasing. What does this mean for the jobs market? Will certain roles be completely replaced by robots? We investigate what the acceleration of AI means for human workers and recruitment functions. 

How can a recruitment website design agency help your business? >

There are tens of thousands of recruitment businesses in the UK alone. How can you ensure you have the edge over your competitors? What will make employers and candidates choose you? As a vital piece of your recruitment marketing campaign, your recruitment website can make or break you. We look at how a specialist recruitment website design agency can transform your business.

How to ensure your recruitment website stands out from the crowd >

There are tens of thousands of recruitment businesses operating in the UK and the vast majority of them will have a website. How do you make sure your recruitment website stands out in a crowded market? We look at what you can do to give your recruitment website the edge over your competitors and ensure it is remembered for all the right reasons.

What we are reading…

Has the end of furlough increased candidate applications? >

Candidate applications are slowly rising, coinciding with the end of the furlough scheme. Has this had any bearing on a rise in candidate availability? In an article for UK Recruiter I looked at the current landscape, the reasons for a boost to applications, and what to do to increase your talent attraction in what remains a candidate-short market.

Portfolio careers, side-gigs and flexible working are priorities for the UK’s next generation of workers >

What do young workers seek from a job? A new study has revealed that flexible working, portfolio careers and side-gigs are hot on their list. Is this the future of work?

It’s time to move from skills assessment to proven skills-based recruiting >

An insightful article that looks at how evaluating candidates according to their skills and not their CVs is the new consensus, and how we can harness AI to help do that.

Diversity and Disability >

Around 15 per cent of the global population lives with a disability, yet the figures suggest disabled people are consistently less likely to be employed. This article looks at the considerable benefits to employing disabled workers and offers tops tips to attracting and hiring more disabled candidates.