Wave News: October jobs data, salaries on job ads, and more

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Hello and welcome to the early November edition of Wave News.

As we enter the penultimate month of the year, we lead with WaveTrackR’s Recruitment Trends October Report, which revealed that jobs have ceased their upward trajectory for the first time since April. A dip in jobs combined with another rise in applications could signal that the gap between soaring jobs and candidate availability is beginning to narrow. We investigate this, plus look at the industries posting the most jobs and those receiving the highest numbers of applications in analysis of our exclusive data collected across October.

Salaries on job ads – are you for it or against it? It’s a debate that has endured for years but the pendulum is finally shifting towards greater salary transparency. In an age where transparency in business is becoming ever more important, being upfront on salary is not just the right thing to do, it makes business sense. We share the compelling arguments for including salary indicators on your job ads. 

It wasn’t long ago that recruiters were experiencing an influx of candidate applications as redundancies mounted and jobs fell away. We’re now experiencing the opposite problem – despite slowly rising applications and a dip in jobs, we are still facing high jobs and relatively low applications. At times like this, it is even more important that your website works hard for you and really proves its worth. Your recruitment website should provide a first-class candidate experience from the second candidates land on it to the moment they submit an application for one of your jobs. We offer top tips on how to do just this. 

In our round-up of the best-curated content from the wider world of recruitment, we bring you the importance of empathy for recruiters, tips on how to eliminate unconscious bias from your hiring process, why you should recruit employees that offer long-term benefits rather than short term gain, and advice on how to secure passive candidates.


What’s new…

Jobs dip following months of soaring figures: WaveTrackR October Report >

Our analysis of key jobs and applications data collected across the month of October. Headline news is that jobs dropped for the first time since April whilst applications rose, narrowing what had been a widening gap between jobs and available candidates. Are we looking at the beginning of the end of a candidate short market?  

Why job ads should include salary indicators >

Whether or not to publish salary details on a job advert is a highly divisive subject but many recruiters are now leaning towards pay transparency in job ads and for good reason. We give our arguments for including salary indicators on your job ads to boost your talent attraction.

In a candidate shortage your recruitment website needs to work extra hard >

Candidate availability is low and jobs are still relatively high so chances are you’re under increased pressure to find your clients top talent. This is where your recruitment website can really shine – work it hard and you can up your candidate attraction without increasing your recruitment spend. We offer top tips to make the most of your recruitment website.  

What we are reading…

Empathy – The Recruiting Superpower >

An article that argues that putting empathy at the core of any recruitment process is essential, helping businesses and recruiters to attract the right talent and build honest and open relationships. We couldn’t agree more.

Being mindful of unconscious bias >

Tips on eliminating unconscious bias during the recruitment process to ensure diverse hiring and to foster an inclusive and diverse culture.

Why new hires should not hit the ground running >

LinkedIn’s COO on why you should be looking for candidates that can ‘hit the ground learning’ rather than have all the skills on day 1, so that short term benefit doesn’t come at the expense of long-term growth.

How to secure the passive candidate >

Applications may be starting to rise but we are still in a candidate short market – this article offers tips on how to find, engage and hire passive candidates.