Wave News: Targeted job board advertising, good recruitment websites and more

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Hello and welcome to the mid-November edition of Wave News! 

As we race towards the end of the year, the market remains relatively job heavy, candidate light. We look at how targeted job advertising – in terms of platform, content and timing – can help you to find qualified talent at pace even in challenging terrain.  

What makes a good recruitment website? It’s the million pound question that ever recruiter wants a definitive answer to. We discuss the importance of getting the fundamental design right from the very beginning and of incorporating recruitment features and functionalities into the website’s core. We look at all this and more to help ensure that your recruitment website works hard for you, attracting both talent and clients.

There has been talk of a Public Sector recruiting crisis for years and WaveTrackR data certainly backs that up, with high jobs and low applications fairly consistently month on month. The question is, what can be done to tackle the talent shortage in the sector? In an article published in UK Recruiter, we looked at the data and considered solutions to help attract talent to the wide range of roles in the sector.

In our round-up of curated content from the wider world of recruitment, you can read about how (and why) to create the perfect candidate persona, tips on cybersecurity for your recruitment website, advice on improving your LinkedIn posts, and inclusive employee benefits that can help attract and retain talent in a candidate-short market.


What’s new…

Why targeted job board advertising is important in a candidate short market >

With candidate availability still low and costs rising, targeting the job boards that are right for your jobs is more vital than ever. We look at how the market has arrived at its current state and the resources you can use to ensure your jobs are being found by qualified candidates.

What makes a good recruitment website? >

When considering a new recruitment website, there are a number of factors you should consider to ensure it delivers the results you need. As the online face of your company, it should represent your brand and core values. It needs to attract candidates to your jobs and appeal to potential clients. We discuss the factors that make up a good recruitment website so that you can ensure your website works hard for you.

How can we solve the public sector talent shortage? >

Public Sector recruitment has historically proved challenging. A lack of resources makes it increasingly hard to compete with the private sector but there are certain areas in which Public Sector has an advantage over private. We look at industry data and at the ways in which the talent attraction and acquisition process in Public Sector recruitment can be improved. 

What we are reading…

Recruitment Hacks – how to create the perfect persona >

How creating a candidate persona will help you to target your job ads, approach the right platforms, and enjoy a much higher success rate in finding the very best talent for your roles.

5 cybersecurity tips to secure your recruitment website >

Recruitment website cybersecurity is essential to protect the sensitive information you collect. This article provides tips on how to secure your website and protect your users’ information. 

LinkedIn: five tips to make your posts shine >

To win top talent in a competitive market, you need to ensure you and your company are well represented in the places where candidates are already looking — and that includes both personal and company LinkedIn posts. 

10 inclusive employee benefits that can help create a more supportive workplace >

In a competitive market, one way to get ahead of the game in attracting and retaining talent is to offer inclusive benefits as part of a holistic approach to supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.