Wave News: True D&I, A-Z of recruitment websites, analytics and more

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Hello and welcome to the first of our July editions of Wave News!

As always, we bring you topical thought pieces, advice articles and a roundup of the best of the rest from the recruitment world.

With Pride Month placing the focus yet again on the importance of a strong and actionable Diversity and Inclusion policy, we look at why companies must do so much more than simply publish a D&I statement on their job ads. 

At RecWebs we live and breathe recruitment websites but there are so many technical aspects that for those not in the industry the terminology can seem baffling. That’s why we’ve compiled an A-Z of recruitment websites, each term relating to a crucial aspect of the website design and build process or is an integral feature on a recruitment website. We hope you’ll find it useful!

Website analytics is another area that can be baffling. What do you monitor? What does it mean? How do you use the information to improve your website marketing strategy? We address all these questions in our guide to the top 10 web analytics stats to monitor on your website.

In our list of curated content from the world of recruitment, you can read about what candidates want to see in a job ad, why it is essential to stay engaged with a candidate all the way to offer and acceptance, what candidates are looking for in a post-pandemic role, and how language and diversity are intrinsically linked.   


What’s new…

True D&I is more than a stock job ad statement

Diversity and inclusion statements on job ads and websites are now rapidly becoming the norm. This is to be applauded but it is vital that this is backed by real, demonstrable action. We look at the ways in which recruiters and employers can actively be more inclusive, promote awareness and support diverse communities.

The A-Z of recruitment websites

Ever wondered what a technical web design term meant? Want to know a bit more about the essential components of a recruitment website? Every one of the terms in this A-Z relates to a crucial aspect of the website design and build process or is an integral feature on a recruitment website. We hope this mini encyclopaedia of recruitment website terms helps you to understand and decipher the key elements that make up a recruitment website and its journey to launch and beyond.

The top 10 web analytics stats to monitor on your recruitment website

Tracking the performance of your recruitment website is vital in order to assess how successful it is in achieving the goals you have set out for it. By analysing data into user behaviour and website performance, you can determine what is working and what needs attention, ensuring that the ROI for your recruitment website is as high as possible. We list our top 10 stats to monitor on your website.

What we are reading…

How to write the job description your candidates want

We all want to craft a job ad that candidates will respond to positively, one that will encourage top talent to apply. This article shares data on just what candidates want to see from a job ad.

The crucial new candidate tactic – above all else

Greg Savage argues that now jobs are rising and candidates are back in demand, it has become crucial for recruiters to probe just what a candidate needs to accept a job when it comes to it and to keep engaging with them all the way through the process. 

76% of UK employers to offer hybrid working as new job perk

What candidates value from a career and a workplace has changed over the pandemic – this article looks at what employers need to consider now to attract the best talent.

The language of diversity with Salma El-Wardany

A fascinating look at the way language can both help and hinder diversity issues depending on how it is used.