Wave returns to the Recruitment Agency Expo in London

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Table of contents

  1. All you need to know
  2. Say hello to the new Wave
  3. Top 3 speakers

368 days, that’s exactly how long we have been waiting for the Recruitment Agency Expo to return to London.

From the hustle and bustle of industry chatter to the erupting applause for speakers nailing their talks, for a few days of the year ExCel becomes THE place to be for recruitment agencies.

In fact, my first article about the Rec Expo turned into a love poem but I was told it needs to be an “article people want to read” and to “stop wasting company time.” SO, let’s jump in and cover some of the basics.

1. All you need to know

What is the Recruitment Agency Expo?

Imagine the red carpet at the Oscars, but instead it’s full of recruitment A-list stars, the carpet’s orange and there’s lots more free food.

Rec Expo 1 – Oscars 0.

The Rec Expo brings together all the major recruitment product and service providers in one space, along with industry leading expert speakers (more on that later).

If that sounds good, you’re going to love what I say next.

Tickets are FREE.

Just to avoid any diary clashes, here are the details.

Date: 19th – 20th March 2024

Opening times:

  • Tuesday 19th 09:30 – 17:30
  • Wednesday 20th  09:30 – 16:30

Location: ExCel London

You can get your tickets here.

2. Say hello to the new Wave

We should explain why we are so excited for this particular expo.


We recently unveiled our brand new look, which is the culmination of 25 years of experience, industry knowledge, an unwavering drive to innovate, and a product offering optimised for candidate attraction.

With innovative technology, data and human expertise we offer an all-in-one candidate attraction solution that helps you to –

  • Source high calibre candidates faster and hassle-free
  • Build and grow a high-performing recruitment website
  • Buy and manage your job board contracts with ease

But our look isn’t the only thing that has changed since the last Rec Expo. Each of our products have seen major developments, and I’m talking massive – the sort you talk about at the pub with your mates (even if they don’t care).

From being able to store and manage all your job board contracts in one place, to automatically searching your CV database for relevant candidates BEFORE you post a job ad, Wave has really pushed the boundaries of what candidate attraction tech can offer.

Team Wave will be at stand B14, so be sure to pop by and get the team to show you just what I mean.

3. Top 3 Speakers

Now, let’s talk speakers. I had to fight for this section as I believe it’s a seriously underrated aspect of the Rec Expo. In a world where nothing is free, this amazing selection of industry leading experts sharing their wealth of knowledge is.

To qualify that statement, Greg Savage alone sells tickets to his talks for £100+ (and that’s still a great deal!)

This year the Rec Expo speaker selection team, led by Louise Triance of UK Recruiter, has filled a massive 60 spots, making it the biggest line up to date.

With that many great speakers and such little time, we’ve compiled our pick of the top 3 speakers that you do not want to miss.

Andy Dunne – Day 1 @ 10.15am | Evolve Stage

Andy Dunne is Managing Director at TEAM, the largest network of independent recruitment companies in the UK. As partners of TEAM, we can testify to Andy’s expertise and know he’ll offer expert insights grounded in his 20 years of experience.

Recruitment is the business of people, which makes networking essential at whatever level you are at and yet most still don’t fully utilise their network. Andy will lend his expertise of how to use networking to find candidates and land clients.

Miles Lloyd – Day 1 @ 13.15 | Evolve Stage

When it comes to sharing knowledge, Miles Lloyd has a lot of it. Having entered recruitment in 1999, he’s moved from the front lines of recruitment to his current role of leadership coach and business mentor with North Star People.

We know just how great Miles is from when he was a special guest on our webinar a few months ago, where he offered unique, practical advice which our viewers ate up.

Better yet, Miles will be joining a host of other experts for a panel discussion all about the hard truths of diversity, equity and inclusion in the future of work – a topic at the table of many organisations.

Wendy McDougall  – Day 1 @ 14.00 | Excel Stage

We have been lucky enough to experience Wendy’s in-depth knowledge and expertise first-hand on Episode 205 of our podcast, Talent Matters. As a former recruitment agency owner turned rec tech founder and CEO, Wendy can see things from both sides of the coin.

Her talk on adopting AI in recruitment business will no doubt offer easy-to-understand and practical insights into this complex topic.

If you can’t wait, check out our conversation with her here –

p.s. Amongst all these great speakers, don’t forget pop by and say hello to Team Wave at stand B14.