Wave is sponsoring the UK Recruiter Technology Showcase

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The Recruitment Agency Innovation Technology & Social Media showcase on 20th June is shaping up to be a very informative and rewarding event, for both sponsors and attendees alike. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been spoilt with a number of engaging live chats, hosted by UK Recruiter, which have created an exciting build up to the main showcase! All the sponsors (Wave included) have taken it in turns to co-host with Louise Triance, providing an overview of who they are and what they’ll be talking to delegates about on the 20th June. If you want to catch up with any of these, you can watch the replays here

What is it?

If you don’t know what this event is all about, it’s a day-long event organised by UK Recruiter where 19 exhibiting organisations will be showcasing their latest offerings, technology-wise, and it will be a mixture of recruitment database providers and more general recruitment technology providers.

It is targeted specifically for Decision Makers within the recruitment industry and aims to provide them with a wide array of information whilst giving them the opportunity to network in a nice, relaxed setting. Basically, you can save yourself lots of time and talk to a whole bunch of people and see lots of product demonstrations, rather than schedule in separate calls and meetings… it’s a no-brainer.

Why are we sponsoring the event?

This is one of a number of events Wave will be sponsoring this year (others include the Recruitment Agency Expo, Recruitment Leaders Connect, MDRA’s). We wanted to ensure this event was on our list as we’ve heard great things from people within the industry, and the fellow sponsors that were added to the line-up pushed us to want to be a part of the action.

What we are most excited about with this particular event is the opportunity to network and present our offering in a relaxed, informal atmosphere! It’s also great for us to be part of an event that is so informative and relevant for our business, and our industry in general.

Why should recruiters go to the event?

  • You’ll have access to 19 suppliers
  • You can network with other attendees as well as the sponsors
  • You’ll hear a 2-minute overview from every sponsor
  • You can take part in suppliers speed demo sessions
  • You can save yourself lots of time by doing this all in one place on the same day!

In UK Recruiter’s own words, come to the event and you can ‘see the top tech and CRM providers, expert-led workshops and loads of networking’.

Why should you come and see us?

Wave will be doing lots of demos throughout the day, of our job board management and distribution tool, WaveTrackR. WaveTrackR was designed with recruiters in mind, helping them to get the most from their media choices, by making it faster and easier to post to job boards as well as tracking performance and analysing which job boards are working for them.

Come and see it for yourself!